Southern Kaduna Killings : Stakeholders Identify Justice , Fairness To All As Panacea To Lasting Peace

As cases of rising insecurity particularly in southern Kaduna worry stakeholders , Northern Christian Youth Association of Nigeria in partnership with Senator Uba Sani has held a stakeholders roundtable meeting in quest to finding enduring peace in crisis ridden part of Kaduna State.
Representative of Human Rights Agency in Nigeria , Pastor Yohana Buru traced back origin of crises in the state to the Kafanchan Crisis of 1987 , saying if concrete action had been taken to address causes of the first known crisis , others would not have occurred , adding that it had become imperative to distinguish between religious and communal clashes inorder to solve problem of killings amongst residents of the state.
” We must understand that not all crises are religious in nature and should not be given religious or political colorations to avoid vendetta, reprisals and counter-reprisals that usually follow up such attacks , resulting in making it difficult to tackle.
” Governments at all levels on their parts must be seen to be fair , just and dispassionate in addressing crises in our communities with same and equal speed to preserve unity and love for one another across the state. ” The kaduna based cleric admonished.
A Political scientist, Dr Tukur AbdulKadir in his  address urged all actors involved in the crisis to sheathe their swords and allow peace reign in their communities , according to him , no meaningful development could thrive in an atmosphere of disharmony and animosity.
Dr Tukur , who taught Political science at Kaduna State University urged the public to shun giving the southern Kaduna crisis a religious coloration , according to him , similar killings were taking place in Muslim dominated states like Katsina , Zamfara , Sokoto among others.
” Why are killings in these states dominated by Muslims not called religious or ethnic crises. We must eschew worsening the already volatile situation at our hands , if we are serious and ready about ending this cycle of killings in our dear state.
” It is sad  pathetic and heartbreaking having to live for decades without finding a lasting and enduring solution to communal crises given religious name by mischief makers whose goal is to widen political and religious divides among our people to advance their political agenda.
” I have visited all the 23 Local Government Areas in this state in my research of conflicts ,their causes and ways of resolving and managing them , I can confidently tell you that most crises are not religious but communal in nature but given religious colorations. ” The university Don lamented.
Earlier in his address , Chairman of the occasion , Mr Anthony Hassan , Dokajen Jaba emphasized the need for peaceful coexistence between adherents of the two religions – Islam and Christianity in Kajuru , Chikun and other affected areas in the state for progress and even distribution of infrastructural and social amenities in the affected communities.
He said people did not choose to be born Christians or Muslims but were made so through divine means by God Almighty , Who he said created adherents of the two religions to cohabitate with each other for the project of Sustaining the societal values and traditions of spreading love and compassion.
President of Northern Christian Youth Association , Michael Musa Shekarau commended Senator Uba Sani for his supports for the association in hosting the peace conference which he said would go a long way in addressing communal clashes in the state , adding that the Christian Body would organize more of such troubleshooting interface towards finding an enduring peace in the state .
He challenged other political leaders to emulate senator Sani in his quest to unite various religious and ethnic groups in kaduna state.
Special Assistant to senator Uba sani on interfaith who also graced occasion,  stated that the senator’s decision in hosting the peace finding meeting was born out of his zeal and passion for peace , love and unity amongst his  constituents and kaduna people in general.

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