Activist Condemned Nonchalant Attitude Of Northern Leaders Over killings Of Northerners

A Civil Right Activist, Comrade Hauwa Mohammed Kabir has condemned the nonchalant attitude of northern leaders over the killings of northerners in other parts of the regions in the country.

Comrade Hauwa made it known in a statement signed and made available to Journalists in kaduna.

According to her, leaders in the north are not ready to protect their people in the southern part of the country.

“It is disturbing seeing our leaders from the northern part especially the 19 northern state governors keeping mute over the daily killing of Fulani herdsmen and Hausas living in southern part of the country without taking any reason action to curtail it.

“Just because of their political interest and what they will get from this regions is making them to keep mute over what is happening to our brothers and sisters without taking necessary actions curtail it.

“It is on record that northerners doing legitimate business in the southern part of the country, business premises were severally burnt down, their trailers destroyed, their goods destroyed, and their huts vandalised yet, none government organisation deemed it fit to speak and take actions about the deliberate wickedness against the Innocent Nigerians who wronged no one.

“The crime of these Northerners is what | don’t understand, what is their crime exactly? If those Fulani Herdsmen wronged us, what did the tomatoes sellers and other non Herders do to the southerners

“As far as am concerned, this is not a Tribal War because the northerners are not retaliating, this is a coordinated attack against the North”love.

” Enough is enough, they should not take our quietness for granted, we are just trying to allow peace to reign”, she stated.

Comrade Hauwa mohd kabir went further to say that, the country is being confronted with banditry, kidnapping, boko haram and others, yet northerners are not allowed to carryout their legitimate businesses in other parts of the country without being killed.

She Commended governor Nasir El-rufai of kaduna state and governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state for coming out openly to Condemned the killings of northerners in southern part of the country.

“We elected our leaders, they have the mandate to protect the lives and properties of our people in respective of where they find themselves as far as they are doing their businesses legitimately” , she added.

She also condemned the lack of concern of the southern governors for not coming out to kick again the recent killing that took place in their region.