Stop Blackmailing Kaduna North PDP Leaders, Chairman Samaila Suleiman Campaign Organization Warns

Stop Blackmailing Kaduna North PDP Leaders, Chairman Samaila Suleiman Campaign Organization Warns
Chairman Samaila Suleiman Campaign Organization Hon. Adamu Dattijo  has called on a Former member House of Reps and his social media handlers to stop blackmailing Elders and officials of People’s Democratic Party  (PDP) in Kaduna North ahead the party’s primaries.
Dattijo said his Campaign Organization was aware of allegation being peddled by the aspirant and his handlers that monetary inducements were made to party officials for buying allegiances of the party’s delegates ahead primary election, insisting that PDP officials cannot be bought over by any aspirant nor can they be cajoled by the use of cheap political blackmail and character assassination. 
” I want to debunk outrightly of giving huge sums to Officials, our Councillors or any other party stakeholders as alleged by the rumour peddle” he stated.
” We have seen ABG Support Group on the social media space saying all sorts of unsavory things about our councillors to tarnish their image before the general public and committed members of our party.
“It has been the way of Hon. Samaila Suleiman to give out Ramadan gifts and packages to people of his constituency such as Religious Leaders,  Opinion Leaders, Youth Groups, Women Groups and others regardless of leanings particularly during festive seasons like the Ramadan, Sallah, Christmas and Easter”
” It is therefore, mischievous for anyone to insinuate that Hon. Suleiman is giving out money to PDP leaders of Kaduna North and party loyalists”
” If any aspirant of the PDP extraction could be  accused of deep romance on bed with the APC, it should be this former member who has been having the moral supports and full financial backing of APC-led Government House through Hon. Mamman Lagos and other topnotch of the ruling party who have been calling PDP party officials asking them to cast their votes for the said aspirant and attempting to even give them huge amount of monies. 
“The same aspirant has so far collected the sum of 20m naira and 30 motorcycles from a Senator’s Constituency Project as donation from a serving APC senator through the instrumentality of the same Hon. Mamman Lagos of APC which we have undeniable and verifiable evidences of phone calls and audio recordings.
” This is not the time to create division and cause friction amongst our members who should be allowed to concentrate on how our great party should have a good outing at 2023 poll. 
” A good example was what transpired at the recently held LG poll in Kaduna North where this aspirant who wants to represent Kaduna North at the  House of Reps scuttled the chances of PDP to clinch LG  chairmanship position through connivance with the APC.
” Such a person have no moral ground to accuse others of sabotage because he is currently being chased by the ghost of the Local Govt success he has murdered, “he queried.