Remembrance Day: Chanchangi Airlines Salutes Nigerian Armed Forces

As Nigerians mark 2022 Armed forces Remembrance Day ,  Chanchangi Airlines has joined other well Wishers in felicitating the country’s military.
In a press statement , Executive Chairman of the Kaduna based airline, Alhaji Musa Ahmadu Chanchangi noted the doggedness, sacrifice and commitment of members of the armed forces in defending the territorial integrity of the nation, soliciting  prayers from well-meaning Nigerians for troops at the warfronts battling against insurgency, banditry and other forms of insecurity across the country.
Chanchangi added that the stabilizing and nation-building role played by the military since the country attained independence in 1960 cannot be overemphasized.
He stressed the need for citizens to cooperate with members of the armed forces by passing useful information that would aid Nigerian troops in their effort to rid the country of terrorism and insurgency.
The Boss of the FAAN Best Domestic Airline of  1998 and 1999 reiterated commitment and readiness of Chanchangi to maintain its partnership with the Nigerian military , especially in area of airlifting Peacekeeping forces ,   saying the robust relationship that had existed over the years  between the two institutions would remain sacrosanct for progress and development of the country as the domestic Carrier geared up to returning to the nation’s skies soon. 
” We have enjoyed a mutual working relationship with the armed forces , particularly when Chanchangi Airlines held sway as United Nations official carrier .
” The patriotism of our gallant men in uniform is unquestionable and has gone a long way in keeping the country intact and as one indivisible entity .
” I am optimistic that the country will overcome the current challenges and  attain a strategic economic position on global stage.
” This is our goal , dream and aspiration of our founding fathers who have tirelessly contributed their quota in bringing the country to her current position.
” Challenges are inevitable and must be encountered by any nation on the way to development and greatness.
” Nigeria should not be an exception amongst other nations which are now developed economically and politically.
” Patriotism , love for country, zeal and passion for development of our nation and people should be our legacy that must not be compromised and sacrificed for selfish and individual advantages .
” If We put nation’s interest above personal gains with unalloyed faith and loyalty for our dear country  I assure you Nigeria will be a better place and conducive platform for all to thrive and live in peace , ” he stated .