NYEGG Cautions National Assembly Members Over Distraction Of Military

A group known as Northern Youth Economic Growth Group (NYEGG) has warned of consequences on the war of terror from recent comments credited to the National Assembly and some politicians.

The group expressed this in a statement jointly signed by its National President, Comrade Ibrahim Adamu and National Secretary, Philip Ladan, made available to our correspondent in Kaduna on Friday.

“Let’s refresh your memories of the horrific past before the present service chiefs took over in 2015 whereby no fewer than 18 local government areas in Nigeria were under the firm control of rampaging terrorists threatening the sovereignty of our country Nigeria.

“It is an experience we would never wish to experience again. Places of worship were being bombed with reckless abandon in major cities like Kaduna and Kano, with the nation”‘s capital Abuja not left out of the horror.

“We recall a trending picture then of a small boy of about six to seven years being scanned by security agencies before entering a mosque, a traumatic happening we are willing to experience again.

“Such is our fear, hence we received with surprise, calls by the Nigerian Senate which is the upper legislative arm of government, calling for the replacement of service chiefs in the country,” the group said.

In the statement titled, “WE RESIST ATTEMPTS TO TAKE OUR ECONOMY BACKWARDS THROUGH CREATING INSTABILITY IN ARMY LEADERSHIP” they submitted that as a professional group which comprises different professionals from the 19 Northern states, they are dismayed that the economy of our region which is beginning to stabilize after devastation of Boko Haram terrorists group made the region to crawl on its knees is about to suffer setbacks.

“We are perturbed that selfish politicians, whom may be gaining from insecurity are whipping up selfishly motivated sentiments that would in no little measure, bring about setbacks.

“We are all living witnesses to the fact that before the present Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai took over command of the Nigerian Army, several territories were in the control of the then dreaded group, Boko Haram, who even in daring terms, declared some territories under their control as a conquered area, with Gwoza in Borno State serving as their administrative capital,” they added.

They pointed out that today, Gwoza is safe and liberated, as a result of the impressive efforts of the Nigerian Army led by Buratai.

“Same Gwoza only weeks ago, hosted several activities of the Army, including the West Africa Social Activity (WASA), which was highly publicized.

“During same event, Buratai climbed to the peak of the Gwoza Hills, which was for some time a very dangerous terrain, serving as a den for the insurgents,” they stressed.

The group said that it is also on record, that as a result of various innovations of the COAS, several parts of the country which were hitherto no go areas, are now safe and businesses are thriving.

“We are also proud of the feats achieved by the Nigerian Air Force under the current dispensation, inspired by the Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Abubakar Siddique which has further decimated the insurgents through targeted air strikes.

“Only recently, the rampaging armed bandits in Niger State have gone into hiding, following orders by President Muhammadu Buhari that the Nigerian Air Force should go after them.

“Our water ways have also been calm of recent, unlike in the past when rampaging sea pirates held it hostage, kidnapping for ransom on the high sea, thanks to the Nigerian Navy.

“Along the Kaduna Abuja Highway, kidnappers who were having a field day have disappeared, owing to the anti kidnapping squad assembled by the Inspector General of Police, which is highly commendable,” they emphasized.

NYEGG said that is also important to remind Nigerians that various militant groups who were daring the Army in the South South zone, from where Nigeria gets most of its revenue have fizzled out.

“Thanks to the Operation Crocodile Smile, our pipelines and crude oil installations are safe, giving the country unrestricted access to crude oil exploration, which has benefited the entire country,” they expressed.

Further, the group said, “Let’s not also forget that for decades, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) held several hostage and were lords in several areas, with residents of Zaria living in perpetual fears of their activities. Today, the story has changed.

“Similarly, the now proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), threatened the sovereignty of Nigeria, but were silenced through the Operation Python Dance.

“In the North Central, clashes between the herdsmen and farmers which also affected the country’s economy and food security has been checked, through sheer determination of the Nigerian Army in ensuring that security of lives and prosperity are secured. We are all witnesses to the fact that today, farmers are back to their farms and the country’s economy is better of for it,” they noted.

They therefore, appealed to the Senate, politicians and “other detractors” to let the leadership of the Nigerian Armed Forces continue their ardous task to keep ensuring the economic well being of their people in the North in particular, and Nigeria by extension.

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