Nigerian Army Remains One, No Personnel Held Captive By Degraded Boko Haram

A video being circulated, created by one Simon Ekpa, suggesting that the degraded Boko Haram terrorists have Nigerian Army personnel captive and will execute them should be disregarded.
The originator of the video, is a wanted criminal, who has been evading arrest and at the sane time pro voting ideas of terrorist organization, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
The Nigerian Army wishes to inform the general public that no Nigerian Army personnel is held captive by any criminal group as alleged by the criminally produced video dated December 10.
The video being circulated may have been stage managed just to disparage the Nigerian Army and cause disaffection for its hierarchy.
We also state categorically that no segment of the county is used as sacrificial lamb by the army authorities.
This is evident in the fact that several officers and men, from all parts if the country have paid the supreme price for keeping the country safe from criminal elements.
Army authorities wish to assure all Nigerians if our resolve at ensuring security of lives and property all over the country, as well as ensuring the country remains one indivisible entity.

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