Nigeria At 60 : CEO Of Bizi Mobile Salutes Buhari , Says President Capable Of Taking Nigeria Higher

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a leading Indigenous Mobile Banking Supports Provider, Bizi Mobile, Chief Aminu Bizi has congratulated President Buhari and Nigerians on the occasion of Independence Anniversary, saying Nigerians are on the right path in their journey of becoming a great nation under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari whom he described as a capable leader on the right path of taking Nigerians to a greater height.
Addressing newsmen on the occasion of Nigeria’s Independence, Chief Aminu explained that every great nation today had experienced challenging times on their way to greatness, urging Nigerians not to despair to be optimistic and exercise patience with the present administration which he said was working round the clock to correct damages that had been made in the past.
“The president deserves our sympathies and prayers to deliver on his promises to Nigerians because it is not an easy task fixing a broken home.
“The rail transport system this administration is revamping will link up the entire country, open up businesses and attract foreign investors.
“The president must be excused considering the mountain of problems he inherited from previous regimes. He has been able to curtail insurgency which was fast spreading like wildfire to a single state, which has made the Boko Haram terrorists to resort to ambushing our gallant soldiers who are on trails fishing out remnants of the terrorists.
“Integrity of president Buhari is Immaculate. This can be attested to by all in his previous engagements. He had held virtually key lucrative positions that would have made him rich, if he wanted to loot like others but he chose to live a Spartan life.
“I see no reason why he shouldn’t be trusted now because of leadership challenges we are having now  which are inevitable on our march to greatness.” He highlighted.
He added that, from now to year 2021, Bizi mobile cashless consultant limited, will engaged no less than 5000 youth on financial inclusion from all over the nation as a way of tackling unemployment in the country.

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