NBAIS: Registrar Refutes Alleged Multi-Billion Naira Financial Fraud, Job Racketeering Scandal

The Registrar of the National Board For Arabic And Islamic Studies (NBAIS) Professor Muhammad Shafiu Abdullahi has refuted allegations of corruption, dismissing this as propaganda and claiming them as political accusations 
The Media Consultant to the board, Comrade Musa Mohammed expressed this  in a statement in defence of the “Registrar, Professor Shafiu Abdullahi in response to the allegations by a non-existing group, called Anti-Corruption Network Initiative.
“The Registrar would like to correct the non-existing group on their irresponsible, damaging, confusing and childish public statement they made on 9th June 2021, which was published by online media, Sahara Reporters, which  is unfortunate that an esteemed online media has not got its publication right.”It is with regrets that we find it necessary to write, and further inform the general public regarding the false, misleading baseless and childish accusations made against the registrar of NBAIS without any factual basis.
“The Registrar strongly refutes these wild false accusations that he is enmeshed in several scandals, (corruption), defrauding the agency with illegal award of contracts to family members and close allies, financial fraud and job racketeering” which are all baseless.
 “Such allegations are utterly false and unfounded, fake and slanderous.
“It’s a frivolous, mischievous, false and highly embarrassing publication.
“However, the Editor-in-chief and unscrupulous publisher has gone ahead to include paragraphs of totally untrue matters published and posted on his online media.  
“Therefore, the registrar NBAIS and the management hereby, refute this publication as frivolous, mischievous and totally false.
“The Registrar is not involved in any fraud. Rather, the Registrar has achieved massive development and repositioning for which he is being applauded.
“Therefore the information is totally incorrect.
“The NBAIS community hereby advises the general public to disregard this virulent false and embarrassing publication, published in Sahara Reporters. 
“It’s mischief makers, detractors and enemies of the NBAIS, and we realize that their campaign of calumny against the the board has failed.
“NBAIS remains a spectacular success story and nothing can change all the evidence of dramatic progress and development in the past and present.”