Ladi Maji Foundation Empowers 300 Widows In Kaduna

No fewer than three hundred widows in Kaduna  have received items as well as cash worth thousands of Naira from Ladi Maji Foundation as part of empowerment
The items which include foodstuffs, sewing machines, deep freezers as well as grinding machines are meant to support the beneficiaries in order to boost their finances and eke a living for themselves.
Founder of the foundation, Mrs. Mary Onoja said that the gesture was to put smiles on the faces of the widows in order to make them feel that they are not alone in their plight.
“As always whenever I see these wonderful people, the widows gather, I feel excited. I am happy to see them, am happy to give that which means nothing to us, but means something to them. 
And when I do that, when I see smiles on their faces, I feel excited.”
Mrs. Onoja who is also soliciting support from well meaning individuals said that she is trusting to God to get more help in order to expand the scope of those that need assistance.
“It is not really easy to bear this burden because financially, you can see for yourself the number of women that turned out today. 
Only God knows how many of them will be a little bit satisfied. You can’t satisfy all. This is just but a few.”
“There are lots of other women like this that we can’t meet their needs.We are hoping to have more hands on deck in the near future so that we can get the scope wider and meet many more needs.” She said.
A beneficiary Regina Chawei who got a grinding machine prayed for open doors for the foundation.
“I don’t really know what to say but I thank God because this is going to help me, my children and my grand children as well.
“God has done something for me today that has calmed me down since the demise of my husband.
“My prayer is for Him to increase this  ministry” she said.
For Obioma Moses who runs a provision store, said the financial assistance from the Ladi Maji foundation will help boost her business.
“It will go a long way to boost my finance. Before now, my business has gone down and now I can only pray and ask God to help me, so I can use it to boost my business” she added.
Since it was founded more than 20 years ago, the Ladi Maji Foundation has continued to support widows and orphans materially and financially.

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