Laboratory Scientist Discovers Cure For Lassa Fever, others

A Laboratory Scientist known as (Prof.) Ayodele Adeleye has finally released details of the efficacy of his therapy and cure for Lassa fever, saying two persons have so far responded to the treatment successfully.
Adeleye, an ABU best graduate of laboratory science of his time and  Lassa fever cure claimant, also disclosed that he will commenced research into the coronarvirus soon, using the same material for general virus obtained.
Adeleye who disclosed these in an interview with newsmen in his kaduna office said his Lassa fever therapy, known as ‘Yaro Virus killer 3’, killed the virus immediately after taken a full bottle of the size of Farouz mineral bottle as a dose.

The claimant said, though patients tested negative three days after the treatment, it however depends on viral loads, as heavily loaded viral patient takes about a week before tested negative.
He said “there is a material he got on general virus cure”, which he used for research and cured the two Lassa fever patient, one from South Africa and a Nigeria person  respectively.
“I discovered Ebola cure during my research on HIV/AIDS cure some many years ago. I was challenged to do a research on it by a lady in South Africa. She had of my break through in HIV cure and she came. She asked me if I can prepare something on Lassa virus. I accepted. I went and got some material of virus general cure. I told her to let the patient come if he’s around. I’ll give him something, if it works, then that’s Lassa fever, and within five days he spent, in kaduna, his condition changed drastically. He felt good. He went, and since then I didn’t hear from him anymore. Five years later, I’ve to travel to South Africa in addition to sort of campaign for my HIV cure discovery, and then I met him.
” He was looking so well. He said I’ve no problem again since I left kaduna. He was not the only one I treated, there was another lady I treated in Abuja at the heat of the time people were flocking for treatment for my HIV cure. After treating her, the body changed and she became so well. After one week, she came to my office and thanked me. let’s go to press with the breakthrough, she said no. The publicity died with her for decline to go to the media”, he narrated. 
Prince Adeleye also revealed that while HIV and Ebola falls under the  categories of Virus killer 1 and 2, the Lassa Yaro virus killer 3, killed the virus immediately after drinking the full bottle dose.
The scientist however explained that antibiotics would be used to take care of other secondary infractions.He said he would have love to release details of his research if not for his past bitter experienced he had with relevant authorities, he however promised to rather conduct more free treatments for Lassa fever patient for God and humanity.
Dr. Adeleye was a best graduate of laboratory science, Ahmedu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, and majored in parasitology. He was converted to lecturer and later made principal lab department of the institution after his mandatory NYSC in the University, but later resigned to open his research center and laboratory in kaduna, named Yaromedicare.

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