KNLG APC Aspirant Condemns Conduct Of Chairmanship Primary Election In Kaduna

By; AMOS MATHEW; Kaduna-

A Chairmanship Aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Kaduna North Local Government Area of Kaduna state, Comrade Yusuf Idris Amoke, has completely condemned the process adopted by the party in the primary election in the local government.

Comrade Amoke made it known in a press conference in kaduna, saying that the said purported primary election for the chairmanship in the local government is a total scam.
He advised the party not to turn away from the usual tradition of democracy and avoid taking them back to the old days on the basis which they fought the PDP for the future of democracy and development of the country.
He added that if his observations are not rectified, it would be detrimental to the future of the party in the state and beyond.
The Chairmanship Aspirant lamented that prior to the conduct of the chairmanship primary election in the area, there hasn’t been any formal communication to him on the modalities to be adopted towards ensuring a successful Chairmanship primary election in the area.
He complained, “The process started with the buying of forms of intent and all other processes up to the screening. Since after the screening, there hasn’t been any official communication with all the aspirants on the next steps to go as laid down by the party to the primary election.
“There was no communication of the conduct of the primary election and its rescheduled primary election between himself and the party but only got information from the social media and here say which is not healthy for the party and the process to the primary election.
“We did not actually know about the rescheduled date of the primary election, the mode of the election whether it is going to be direct or indirect primary election. There was no official communication.
“We didn’t know whether polling units were going e be used or not. We didn’t know the location of the centres to be used for the election. We didn’t know whether if voters will stand behind each aspirant because there was no communication of what was to be done.”
He explained that a day to the election, he wrote a formal letter to the party and copied all stakeholders including all security agencies in the state on the development in the party.
The aspirant complained that there was no certify voter register that was made available for the election asking whether the revalidation exercise of the party wasn’t completed, adding that even on election day, people were still registering that signified which conflicted whether there was a certified register or not.
He noted that there was a lot of obscurity as regard to membership registration that opens room to a lot problems going into the primary election.
He further lamented that on the purported election day, he delegated some of his members to the distribution centres but discovered that there was result sheets in all the 12 wards of the local government where agents and other stakeholders will sign to certify the result of the election.
He also lamented that there were other problems that were associated with the election signifying that there were plans not have a free and fair that would ensure the choice of the people prevails.
He noted that there was no chairmanship primary election in Kaduna North local government area and called on APC to quickly reschedule a new date for the conduct of the chairmanship election in the area.