Kaduna Unveils Future Afrobeat Music Super Star, Zacboy

The Nigerian entertainment industry is adding another Afrobeats and Afropop genre starboy following the official unveiling of Peter Chapola Emmanuel popularly known as Zacboy in Kaduna at the weekend.

Zacboy, who hails from Adamawa State started singing at the age of seven though he was discovered at the age of 10 by a Kaduna-based music label called ZacBoy Entertainment which has been promoting young artists in the Country and North in particular for some time now.

Many music enthusiasts were astonished about this development because the North unlike the South, is not yet doing well in the Nigerian entertainment industry despite its huge market, hence their readiness to support young stars like Zacboy who is ready to project the region in good light.

Speaking to entertainment reporters on the sideline of the unveiling at a hotel in Kaduna, the multi-talented music star said, though he drew his inspiration from God as a chorister, popular Afrobeats singers like Wizkid inspired him a lot with his sonorous voice.

“I started composing songs as a child at the age of seven. But my promoters discovered my special voice when I was 10 and they have been around since that time till now when they felt that it is time to support someone from this part of the country.

“The truth is the Nigerian entertainment industry is such a huge market that once you get the process right as an artist, you have a space to project the rich culture and valuable traditions from this part of the World to the rest of the World.

“I’m going to shock the World with my talent. I love listening to Wizkid because his voice is so unique. I see myself winning a Grammy award in a few years from now and that means I have to work so hard with precision by standing on the shoulders of who and who in the industry including the media.

“So, tell the North, tell the South, tell the World that Zacboy is coming to change the face of the music industry with originality and powerful collabo with the best the World has produced in this industry”, he promised.

Expressing the readiness of his promotional outfit to support the newly discovered music star, Logistics, and Artist Manager, Zacboy Entertainment Mr. Don Oliver said, his organisation would leverage previous works and connections with a lot of successful artists across the country.

“We have worked with a lot of top artists in Nigeria for about ten years since ZacBoy Entertainment launched itself into the entertainment world.

“But this time around, we want to look inward to see how we can also promote an artist that is doing well in this part of the world. With Zacboy, the music industry will experience a new dimension.

“Luckily many Artists have been coming to see how they can work with him. He has over 20,000 followers on his Instagram page already. He will be having his first studio session time with producer Ressie who has produced for D’banj and a host of other top music artists in Nigeria”, he said.