Kaduna North LG Poll: APC Youth Wing Hails PDP For Winning 8 Wards Out Of 12

As results of the just concluded local government polls  continue to trickle in favour of the ruling party APC, a group known as APC Youth Awarness has lauded PDP for winning eight councillors, leaving the state controlled ruling party with just four seats in Kaduna North, saying the opposition party’s victory an indication  it would occupy Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in 2023.
In a statement signed and made available to Journalists in kaduna by the group leader, Hon Inusa Hamisu, said it is a shame for governor El-Rufai to lost his polling unit during the election.
“We wondered why PDP candidate was not declared winner of Kaduna North Chairmanship, the rationale of declaring our candidate of APC winner is what some of us are just imagining because we know clearly that PDP candidate won the election.
” We attribute APC’s loss to general hardship experienced by the masses, lack of emphathy by the ruling party, anti masses policies,  high-handedness by governor El-Rufai among others as reasons it lost eight councillors to PDP”, it stated. It went further to described as shameful APC’s loss despite having prominent bigwigs in Kaduna North such as; Senator Uba Sani, General Saleh, finance minister, serving House of Reps member, two serving House of assembly members among others.
It also included governor El-Rufai,  his special advisers and commissioners in  the list of chieftains of APC in Kaduna North who could not stop PDP,  advising the ruling party  to start preparing to hand over Sir Kashim Ibrahim House to the opposition party in 2023 if they don’t amend their ways of melting hardship in the state masses.
According to the statement, PDP victory especially in kaduna north have shown that they had passion, zeal and interest to develop people at the grassroots, empower them to be self-reliant, contrary to what was obtainable at the present with extreme capitalist policies that only favoured the rich and impoverished the poor.
“As APC loyal members who have been with the party since the creation, we will not fold our hands and watch El-Rufai anti people policies in the state as hundred of thousands of Kaduna traders and  civil servants lost their source of livelihoods, many of them had been ejected and their homes demolished by the Governor.
“Because of the results of kaduna north which they all knew it was not in their favour, they quickly make sure that other local government results be in their favour by doing the unusual”, it added.