International NGO Offers To End Insurgency, Kidnapping, Killings In Nigeria

In an effort to find a lasting solution to the incessant killings in the country, an International Non Governmental Organization (NGO) from America, Newstime International have offered to work with the federal government to end the Insurgency that have claimed several lives and properties.The team of Newstime International, a faith-based group comprises of both Muslims and Christians and other religions said they are in the country to offer solution to the security challenges that have bedeviled the nation and the peace coexistence among the people.Speaking at a press conference, the Chief Executive Officer of the group, Tony Oyatedor and coordinator, retired Rear Admire Godwill Ombo said that the use of military force in the prosecution of Boko Haram crisis and the fulani herdsmen crisis in Nigeria is not a solution to the attacks and Killings, saying the group is in the country to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari and others stakeholders to ensure that the crisis is put to an end permanently.
According to him, the cooperation the group has come to the government and Nigerians in bringing the solution that will end the nation’s crisis the problems of insurgency in the north and militancy in South South will be a thing of the past.Oyatedor who regarded himself as a Prophet of God based in the United States, explained that “Boko Haram and Niger Delta will be promising to move from fighting to close friendship with the leadership of Nigeria through the help of Newsline”.”The situation in Nigeria on the twin problem of Boko Haram and Niger Delta is a legacy of many years of problems. Itis ot setting that happened overnight. We are not going to resolve it overnight with a sap of the finger.we must not take sides. our work is not to condemn, but out work is to accomplish reconciliation and peace”.
” In Nigeria, a painful past past, troubled present and uncertain future. Leadership does a good job of punishing people but a bad job at protecting the people. Desperate times, call for desperate prayers, fasting and work with the word”.
Oyatedor said his team will organise a conference in Abuja, and expected to be attended by President Buhari and other stakeholders, adding that the same team will visit the six geo-political zones of the country in proffering solution to the crisis that hit the country.Meanwhile, retired Rear Admire Ombo noted that ” the growing spate of insurgency and militancy, in Nigeria calls for serious concern as military operations alone, without a recource to the root causes of these problems, will not end the crises”.He explained that ” today, the glaring consequences of the neglected efforts has spread amongst us. In every geo-political zone in the country, despite their peculiar security problems, or governance,ethic coloration and religious intolerance underscores our national security challenges and the military and police are overstretched and overwhelmed”.

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