Insecurity: Hon. Zailani Advocate For More Proactive Measures

From, Ibrahim Dahiru Danfulani

The Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly Rt. Honourable Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani has said that the present state of insecurity in the northern part of the country is a major set back in the region.
According to him, the present state of our dear country Nigeria in terms of deteriorating security in spite several efforts by various tiers of government to curtail the insecurity crisis has failed.
He however, said that as leaders of our respective states Houses of Assembly, it behoves on us to think within and outside the box to proffer solutions to the security challenges that we are confronted with. 
“The North has been a leader in this country in terms of food production, but if we fail to put our house in order, our people will abandon their way of livelihoods due to fear of bandits and criminals. 
“My counterparts from the South can attest to the fact that almost 80 per cent of foodstuffs consumed down there is from the North. Due to insecurity and economic challenges inflation is very high causing high rise of prices for goods and services before reaching the end user, making it more difficult for Nigerians to cater for their families.
“Even more heart wrenching is how the insecurity is compounding the educational crisis in the North. As most of us are aware, the recent kidnappings of school pupils has caused so much trauma and fear to many parents who are forced to keep their children at home to ensure their safety and security.
“This is no doubt a major set back and, a big blow to the effort been made by many Northern states to boost education in the region,” he added
Zailani further said, we must use every available opportunity and resources at our disposal in bringing an end to banditry, insurgency and other violent crimes like kidnapping which is threatening the growth and progress of Northern region which will affect the country at large.
“As leaders of State houses of Assembly, we must rally our members inspire them to proffer ideas and solutions that will help us end this madness and senseless killings.
“We also must remind ourselves that the prevailing conditions have led to dwindling economic fortunes of our people who are predominantly farmers, who as a result of fear, are abandoning their farms, leading to loss of jobs, livelihood and economic prospects.” Hon Zailani stated that for democracy to really be what it is expected to be, all arms of government must be truly INDEPENDENT, without any over bearing influence from the other. 
As such, the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE and JUDICIARY have to work harmoniously, yet independently. Such independence should not just be an academic independence on paper, but one that gives all arms their rightful places in the Constitution, to ensure proper checks and balances.