Give me 5 coronavirus patients for cure, Professor Adeleye begs FG

A Nigerian scientist and medical researcher, Professor Ayodele Israel Adeleye, has disclosed that he had found the coronavirus cure and is begging the Federal Government to make available 5 patients for free treatment. 

The one time lecturer with the Department of Microbiology, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, (ABUTH), Zaria said there was a three-day window for the coronavirus cure discovery, just as he assured that if adopted, the current lockdown world over due to the scourge would be history,

Professor Adeleye at a world press conference held at his office, Yaro Medicare Research Centre in Kaduna , challenged the government to bring five patients who have tested positive to the deadly virus to his laboratory to prove the cure is effective.

“If the government brings in five people with COVID-19, I will treat them for free, right in front of your cameras,” the Professor who according to him, resigned from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)  early because of his passion for research, declared.

Speaking further, he said that it takes between three to five days to cure the COVID-19 completely with his cure.

“If the world adopts my cure, the lockdown in the world will end,” he assured.

Fielding questions on if he has done clinical trial for the cure, he said that since animals don’t contract COVID-19, he could not test the efficacy on them, but explained that already, five persons have been treated successfully.

“Animals are not susceptible to COVID-19. The only luck we have is that someone who had COVID-19 we brought and was cured.

“About  5 people who knew me with research called and asked if I have something to cure COVID-19. 

“One of the patient’s was having breathing problems already and he took the treatment, in 10 minutes he was already getting better.

“We told him that this is new, we cannot assure you how long it will give you immunity, so stay quarantined and keep social distancing.

“We told him to keep coming every five days until he was okay, we told him to go for test and he was okay. In fact, he suggested we hold a press briefing and that is why we are here. He would have been here but based on his personality, he is shy,” he informed.

Speaking further, he said that aggravation of COVID-19 depends on  immunity of individuals.

“A lot of people have tested negative without any drugs. If people are well fed and boosted immune, they will in the long run get negative,” he added.

On how it interacts with the pathogen, he explained that viral infections generally develop immunity within the body to fight them because they cannot be treated with antibiotics unlike bacteria.

“By the time it is taken, it goes into the body and it brings immunity against the COVID-19,” he said.

When asked for the ingredients used in making the cure, he said it remains his trade secret, adding that much was invested into the research, which he hopes to recoup.

“Of course people will like to protect their invention, so I can’t tell you the composition,” he said.

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