Calling For Halting Oil Supply To North: Civil Right Activist Condemns FFK, Says Former Minister’s utterances Inciting, Provocative

A Northern based Civil Right Activist  Comrade Hauwa Mohammed Kabir has blasted former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode for calling for starving the North of petroleum products and oil revenues, describing his  comments as inciting, divisive and capable of causing civil unrest in the country.
In a press statement, Comrade Kabir lamented rising division and disunity between the North and South of Nigeria, attributing the belligerent rhetorical exchanges to unsavory remarks frequently made by the likes of Fani Kayode whom she painted as an opportunist who rode to Political prominence on the influence of his late father who was first republic politician.
She wondered why Fani Kayode was not at forefront in condemning the brutal action of his kinsmen when they unjustly killed traders of northern extraction, burning their property and setting ablaze trucks conveying food products to Western part of the country, noting that utterances and public actions of the Harvard trained lawyer turned Politician portrayed him as an ethnic bigot who saw no good in others other than his tribesmen.
She urged a northern Emirate council which recently conferred a traditional title on Mr Kayode to immediately strip him of it, stating that giving such a royal recognition to an adversary of northerners and an individual who had been consistent by word and action in provoking people from other regions against North was a great desservice especially to the traders killed in Shasha Market Ibadan.
“Oil products and accrued revenues from it belong to Nigerians as long as the country remains one and indivisible entity.
“I therefore see no reason an educated man and a lawyer for that matter to stir such a provocation of calling for halting of fuel, gas and other petrolatum products to northern part of Nigeria which is component of the federating units making up Nigeria as a sovereign nation.
“This shows how narrow-minded, half-baked and self-centered FFK is,  despite claiming to be a foreign trained lawyer who has never practiced, nor won a case in  legal disputations.
“I advise the likes of FFK to desist from making inflammatory statements capable of widening the already political, religious and ethnic cleavages amongst Nigerians.
“If they can’t contribute towards finding a sustainable peace, progress and development of this country, they should  gag their mouths for their own good and that of Nigeria” She admonished.