Ango Abdullahi Should Stop Distracting Nigerians, He Has Only One Vote – Diwong

Former Special Assistant to a former Governor of Kaduna State, Hon. Zachariah Diwong, has advised the chairman of the Northern Elders Forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi to stop distracting Nigerians from the imperative of bringing about a much-needed change in the country.

Reacting to Ango’s latest attack on the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, Hon. Diwong said denigrating leaders he doesn’t like has become Ango’s pastime.

“We understand Ango’s unhealthy obsession with publicity and his tendency to arrogate to himself the right to appoint leaders for Nigerians, but he should understand that he was only speaking for himself as an armchair critic”, Hon. Diwong said.

According to him, “the suggestion by Ango that Atiku cannot fix Nigeria is not only utterly ridiculous, but it is a reflection of detachment from our reality.”

The former Special Assistant to the Governor of Kaduna State explained that “Atiku’s track record of experience and understanding of Nigeria’s economy and its ethnic and religious diversity is indisputable, and no amount of smear campaigns by Ango can change that reality.”

He stressed that Ango’s agenda is not to move Nigeria forward, but to throw a spanner into the works of any competent candidate because of his narcissistic arrogation to decide who should contest for the country’s highest political office.

He further explained that “only the people of Nigeria have the right to decide who they should vote for and not a lame voice like Ango who is primarily interested in causing confusion for the sake of his desire for publicity.”

According to him, “running Nigeria is not a child’s play because it demands adequate preparation and great experience, and Atiku has no rival in this regard.

“If truly Ango cares about Nigerians, he cannot disregard experience and track record as the main qualifications for public office, especially the leadership of a country as large and diverse as Nigeria.

“Nigerians don’t need a lecture from Ango Abdullahi because their current miserable experience of life is enough to motivate them to vote for change, and Atiku is their safest bet in terms of tackling our challenges.”