2023: Group Urges Sardaunan Badarawa To Join Opposition Party

As 2023 General Election approaches, a group known as Kaduna Central Progressive Minds has urged Hon. Usman Ibrahim, popularly called Sardaunan Badarawa to join the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
Coordinator of the group, Salisu Kanzagi in a press statement said Sardaunan Badarawa would serve the masses  better and actualize yearnings of people of Kaduna Central to be their next senator on the platform of PDP.
He stated that Sardaunan Badarawa as interim chairman of Kaduna North under PDP achieved a lot in the development of the Council, adding that education, workers welfare,  infrastructures, social services were given priority and landmark strides recorded.
Kanzagi noted that Sardaunan Badarawa had been a philanthropist of worth who disbursed services to people in need irrespective of their  political or religious affiliations.
” Sardaunan Badarawa has through his foundation  touched many lives, particularly of people from less privileged homes, many of whom have benefitted from scholarship, empowerment, job placement in ministries.
“Widows who were willing to remarry but had no financial muscles to do so have been provided with  home appliances and needed items required to live in matrimony all in effort to reduce prostitution and other antisocial vices in the society.
“Both APC and PDP members have been carried along by him to ensure an even distribution of projects amongst residents of Kaduna Central zone.
“Streetlights have been installed in both  Muslims and Christians cemeteries, localities of both religions are beneficiaries of his many community development projects which have positively impacted on people.
“It is our conviction that Sardaunan Badarawa will serve our people better on the platform of opposition PDP whose stakeholders have been calling him to join so proper preparations will begin towards ensuring he becomes our next senator.
” We have resolved to work and  mobilize human and material resources towards actualizing the senatorial aspiration of Sardaunan Badarawa in 2023.
“All We want from him is to say yes to our clamour and leave the rest to us to make it a reality as we move closer to the next general election.
” Sardaunan Badarawa is a wonderful man with compassionate heart, zeal and passion to work for the people by ensuring they get basic necessities of life so they would live a happy life and compete with their peers in the developed world.
” It is high time such an exemplary individual and rare asset in our midst was given a chance as an elected public official to do something differently in the benefit of our people and generations yet unborn, ” he stated .