Sponsored Attack On Senator Uba Sani Constituency Office In Igabi Local Government

By, Abubakar Rabiu Abubakar
We at the Zonal Constituency Office of Distinguished  Senator Uba Sani are dismayed with the development making round as per the maliciously conceived and planned attack that took took place on our Igabi Local Government Constituency office today by hoodlums. 
We woke up to this regrettable events of youths who assembled themselves and disguise themselves as protesters to carryout the sponsored attack with sole aim of discrediting the Senator who is fast gaining fame for prioritizing his constituents over self gain. In fact, it took the intervention of good people of the vicinity where the  Constituency office is located who sees the Senator as their messier that prevented them from bringing down the building down. We learnt that they were outnumbered by the pro Uba Sani residence, a reason they later took to their heels.
Background check carried out revealed to us that this attack was anchored, planed and implemented by miscreants, hoodlums, frustrated elements and criminal accomplices whose intention is to create chaos and heat up the polity thereby aiding and promoting insecurity in the state.
Worst still, we discovered that these criminal elements are been used by a particular hoodlum and opportunist in corporate attire who is famous for practicing politics of envy, animosity, accrimony, discord and malice. More worrisome is the extend this particular sponsor went as far as conniving with opposition party members to fight a loyal, dedicated and dependable party member who has done much for same Igabi Local Government. This action and many others undermine the unity of the party and amounts to anti party activities which has the capacity to cripple the chances of the party in the forthcoming elections if not checked.
The frustrated sponsors and their cronies have records of criminal conspiracy and feud which demonstrates the grave errors of having them principally determining party activities as seen in their sponsorship of hoodlums of like minds with them to cause chaos.
Igabi Local Government has been one of the darling Constituency of the Senator. He has demonstrated in actions and words his intention to develop the Constituency better than he met it. To put this promise into perspectives, the Senator has devoted his time doing the following:
1. Set up a constituency Office in Igabi Local Government for easy access of the people to tender their demands.
2. Proposed Federal Medical Center Rigasa in Igabi Local Government which is set to be passed into law.
3. 2.1 Billion Naira for the Construction of a Faculty of Engineering at the Kaduna State University Site in Igabi Local Government 
4. Fisheries empowerment programmes.
5. Poultry empowerment programmes
6. Trainings in Bakery and Confectionery.
7. Facilitation of Covid 19 Loan, Agric Loan which has made so many constituents in Igabi Local Government self employed.
Moreso, the entire staff in the Igabi Local Government Constituency office are from the Local Government including their Constituency officer and this was done to ensure that they are the one in charge of affairs of their people.
Insecurity in Igabi Local Government has been strongly curbed by the amiable Governor of Kaduna State. The Senator has lend his voice on many occasions and has supported the Governor in his quest to make everywhere save in Kaduna State. In times of grieve, he has visited Kerawa, Sabon Birni, igabi local government area with relief materials purchased from his personal funds under his pet project, The Uba Sani Foundation. 
We call on security agencies to place a close watch on these malicious and criminal elements whose intention is to cripple the peace and harmony of Kaduna state and the nation at large. We fear that if they are not properly checked, they will in a very short time form a cartel of criminals that will frustrate the peace of the good people of Igabi Local Government.
By, Abubakar Rabiu AbubakarZonal Chief Constituency Officer to the Distinguish Senator Kaduna Central Senatorial District

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