International Women’s Day: CAMAC Calls for Greater Recognition for Women

The Centre for Media Advocacy for Mother and Child (CAMAC), has called for greater recognition for women in matters that affect their communities.
The organization noted that despite the Beijing declaration of 1995 which advocates for gender equality, a lot still needed to be done to actualise the aims and objectives.
It was made known in a statement signed by the CAMAC Executive Director, Alex Uangbaoje in commemoration of the international women’s day 2020.
It therefore called on governments all over the world and people in authority to always consider the plight of women in policy formulation and implementation, so as to alleviate their sufferings.
CAMAC noted that millions of women all over the world, are still undergoing untold hardships as a result of global crisis and this require a holistic approach.
The theme for this year’s celebration, #EachforEqual, is in recognition of the symbiotic relationship and benefits of gender equality and the need for cooperation to fight against stereotypes and prejudices.
“We must focus on celebrating the individual and collective achievements of women the world over, in order to create a greater impact on the larger society.” The statement said.
“Our efforts should also be geared towards ensuring equality in the provision of education, health and total well being of women.” it added.
It went further to say that, CAMAC is a media advocacy group that focus on advocating for policies and programmes that favour vulnerable women, adolescent girls and children in areas of education, health, child’s rights, protection, development and survival, while also drawing the attention of government and other stakeholders to their plight, with the view to finding lasting solutions to their problem. As well as creating awareness and sensitizing the public on the above areas.

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