Garkida, Damboa Defeats Tears Boko Haram Along Ethnic Lines

By Ibrahim Dahiru Danfulani

All is indeed not well in the terrorists’ camps as highly reliable sources have again confirmed growing animosity, distrust, division and deepening crisis in the BHT/ISWAP Camps.

Current reliable information received on Saturday the 7th of March, 2020 has revealed that there is indeed further division, mistrust and deepening crisis within the terrorists’ camps.

The latest open hostility in the terrorists’ camps came about as a result of the fall out of the recent attack on GARKIDA in Adamawa State and the pyrrhic attempt to capture Damboa in Borno State that was jointly executed by three deadly groups of the sect.

The monumental losses both in men and equipment the terrorists suffered has aggravated the suspicion between and among the groups. Some are accusing others of leaking information of the planned attack to the security agencies and outright lack of will to fight with some of the fighters took to their heels in the face of the fire power of the Nigerian Army.

At the moment, highly reliable sources have further indicated that there has been acrimonious infighting over what the terrorists described as “the fierce struggle for the acquisition and control of booty” such as proceeds of kidnappings, robberies and attacks on vulnerable targets by the Abubakar Shekau led group and the other two prominent groups of the terrorists sect.

Reliable sources have alerted that the acrimonious struggle for supremacy and control of booty has again led to the extermination of one of the leaders of the insurgents’ groups by members of the other 2 terrorists’ groups.

In retaliation, the group whose leader popularly known as Amir ibn Abdulfatawi (who was appointed less than two months ago) was killed decided to avenge the killing by executing the leader of one of the 2 groups (whose identity is yet to be ascertained) who masterminded the killing of their leader.

Subsequently, the situation got worse when they went back to Lake Chad area. At the Lake Chad area, the Budumas and Yantawawen Chad (Chadian twins) who have upto 400 members demanded to produce a leader and overall Commander of the sect to specifically take Charge of the Chad basin.

As this was brewing, the Hausa – Fulani elements among the BHTs expressed misgivings, – arguing that nobody should address or deliver sermon to them in Kanuri language anymore, and warned that they will never accept it again, citing what they termed as “increasing negation of the original tenets of holy Quraan and prophetic hadith” by the Kanuri Amirs.

At Present, there is serious crack and fierce acrimony and conflict of interest as well as infighting and battle of supremacy in the terrorists’ camps, – a development that if well utilized by the Nigerian security forces could surely hasten the final and total destruction of Boko Haram and ISWAP’s terrorism in the country.

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