Between Reality and Mist: Yari’s Legacies of Good Governance

By Dahiru Samaila Mafara
In what seems to be ”a crush in the air”,  Nura Almajir serving as Vice Chairman of Transition Sub-Committee assigned to the state Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, blandly attempted to dig on the rocks, but lacks the infinitum to substantiate himself!
He stated, that Yari”s government would initiate projects without tender, no bidding neither insurance, while contracts awarded were not executed.
This has exposed his secret agenda to discredit the milestones visibly left as legacies of Yari’s administration in all facets of development across Zamfara state.
No amount of space on the social media is enough to accommodate all the solid projects executed by the past administration in the state, but among few the good people of Zamfara state would not deny,  especially the 1000 kilometers and N325million  Solar powered Boreholes you’re questioning are as follows:
127.039klm  of Mayanchi- Anka- Daki Takwas- road and 133. 5klm Daki Takwas- Gummi-Sokoto Border with spurs to Gadar Zaima which was commissioned by the former vice president Atiku Abubakar and was also inspected by the then Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Magu when he led a delegation of Nigerian press for GOOD GOVERNANCE TOUR.
The two roads were visited by various Senate and House of Representatives  committees and lastly,  the Vice president of Nigeria, professor Yemi  Osinbajo, GCON. The roads links Zamfara with Sokoto, Kebbi and Niger States.
There is also 33.5klm of Gyalange- Bardoki-Gayari road, 46klm Gidan Jaja- Kaura Namoda road, 31.7klm Gusau- Kasuwar Daji road, 75klm Colony- Rini- Gora-Janbako-Faru-Kaya-Lambar Boko with 16 span bridge, which was also commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari before he became president in 2014.
Others are, 42klm of Talata Mafara- Sauna- Garbadu-Morai-Kagara, Tashar Auwali road, 128klm Magami-Dankurmi-Dangulbi-Bibdin-Bagega-Anka (ongoing) and 75.9 klm Wanke-Bawa Ganga-Keta- Kwaren ganuwa-Danjibga-Bilbis- Kucheri road as well as 14.5klm Gummi-Gwalli Pass road.
Governor Yari also constructed 26klm Bungudu-Nahuce-Kyambarawa road and 7 klm Nahuce Karakkai road.
He also constructed 11klm Yandoto-Shemori-Mada road, Anka junction road to Muslim foundation-Shagari Hospital in Gusau and constructed another 33no roads within the state capital.
He constructed 4.2klm Eastern bye pass road (phase II) Gusau and  11no of roads in Talata Mafara. Also Constructed are, 11 no additional road in Gusau Town and additional 18no of roads in Talata Mafara and 3no drainages in Talata Mafara.
Also among his project are the construction of link road from bye pass to Gidan Dawa, Gusau.0.9klm.
One of the best project executed by the administration of Governor Yari is the construction of 66klm road linking Kaura Namoda- Birnin Magaji -Dauran with spurs to Nasarawa Gödel and Modomawa.
He as well constructed 14klm  Talata Mafara bye pass road and 8klm Kukoki- eastern bye pass road with 5span bridges.
What we need to put into consideration is that, some of these roads belong to the federal government, the state governor had to undertake them because of the need to provide access to and from these communities and to cater for the overall development of the state .
Again most of them are in deplorable conditions and needed urgent rehabilitation so as to alleviate the suffering of the people.
Yari’s principle of objectivity of equal distribution of state resources made it possible for him to be able to take projects to all nooks and crannies of the state under his “ROAD FOR ALL” program. In addition to all the undermentioned roads projects, the Governor had constructed 20 klm of roads to each of the 14 local government area of the state.
Use your calculator to get the total number kilometers constructed by Yari’s administration!
Please can you proved me wrong that there was no Solar Powered Borehole constructed by the immediate past administration of Governor Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar at :
Low Cost  and Bagega in Anka local government, Gamji/College of Agriculture, Rini and Bakura in Bakura local government as well as Bukkuyum in Bukkuyum local government?
Another Solar Powered Borehole at Furfuri, Nahuce, and Gada in Bungudu local government and Gora in Birnin Magaji local government.
We have two at Gyalange and Birnin Tudu in Gummi local government respectively. In Kaura Namoda, we similarly have two, one at Kasuwar Daji and other one at Kuryan Madaro.
We have two in Maradun, one at the Maradun North and the other one at Gora as well as the other one in Maru.
In Shinkafi local government, we have one in GSSS Shinkafi and the other one at Badarawa. In Talata Mafara, we have one each at Jangebe, Kagara and Garbadu respectively.
There are two in Tsafe, one at Kwaren Ganuwa and the other one at Danjibga while Zurmi has three, one at Kanwa, Dauran, Moriki respectively.
So, if these sort of mega projects and host of others not mentioned here were initiated, awarded and executed by the last administration, what kind of tender, bidding or insurance Nura Almajir was talking about ?
In the first instance, what was the position of Nura in the last administration ? And in the current administration, who is he ?
That goes along way for a thinking person to conclude, that Nura was never and  currently not in the rightful position to make utterances on issues he had no knowledge about.
He also alleged that the last administration was characterized by corruption, making references to a statement made by the Chairman of Transition Committee, Mallam Ibrahim Wakkala Muhammad.
Nura must not forget the fact, that Mallam Ibrahim Wakkala was the chairman of Finance and General Purpose Committee in the previous administration, so he was part of the cooking pot of all contractual undertakings.
What is happening now is just a political undertone, political drumming and dancing between Mallam Wakkala and last administration,  but not  the reality of the subject matter in question.
So, Mr Nura Almajir, you should hold on to your barbarism and wait to learn the best way to fry your onions.
Dahiru Samaila Mafara, is the former Director-General, Social Media of the immediate past administration of Governor Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar.

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