World Hearing Day: National Ear Care Center Kaduna Sensitizes Public

In commemoration of the World Hearing Day, the National Ear Care Center Kaduna has organized a sensitization walk in Kaduna state with a view to sensitize public to take care of their hearing and maintained it.

The sensitization walk commenced from National Ear Care Center Office Kaduna through Independence way burst to Ahamadu Bello way through Katsina road and end at the starting point.

The theme of the campaign for 2020 is “Theme : Don’t let hearing Loss limit you. Don’t let hearing loss limit you”. The selection of the theme by the World Health Organization expresses the key message that that timely and effective interventions can ensure that people with hearing loss are able to achieve their full potential.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after the sensitization walk, the Medical National Ear Care Center Kaduna Dr. Mustapha Abubakar Yaro said, “ Today, we are marking the World Hearing Day, which was set aside by the WHO to mark in every 3rd of March.”

According to him, the essence of this road work is to sensitize the public on the need to take care of their hearing and maintained it and to avoid all actions drugs and other things that will lead to hearing problems so that they can live through out their lives with their hearing intact.

Dr. Mustapha Abubakar Yaro also urged people in the society to always ensure that they take good care of their hearing bay way of protecting themselves from used of drugs, some infections, noise exposure and also to come to the center for treatment, Ear checks any time they fell that something is wrong with them and also when they noticed that their hearing is reducing.

Commenting on the Facular Implant Programme of the Center Dr. Mustapha Abubakar Yaro said,” Currently we have some patients that we have worked on for the Facular Programme, as I have said, this year we are going to commence Facular programme in National Ear Care Center Kaduna.”

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