We Are All Members Of Surgical Team To Free NIgeria From Intensive Care Unit, Atiku Tells Foundation

Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has urged all members of the Atiku Care Foundation and by extension Nigerians to swing into action to deliver NIgeria from it’s numerous challenges, which he likened to being in an intensive care unit, requiring surgery.
A statement signed by the National Director Media and Publicity, Atiku Care Foundation, Okpani Jacob Onjewu Dickson, made available on Thursday July 22, 2021 said that the former Vice President expressed this in a letter he addressed to the foundation, in appreciation for the goodwill attracted to him that saw him perform excellently at the 2019 election, which he said sadly, he was robbed of victory.
“Our nation is indeed, in the intensive care unit and would require delicate surgical procedures. 
“We are all, members of that surgical team. Now, we are better equipped, and all our compatriots must team-up today towards a new political and economic order that should radically reinvent our beloved country,” he charged. 
According to the statement, Atiku in the letter, said, “We are fully prepared to work in synergy to restore hope, pull Nigeria back from the brinks and relive the patrioticspirit of our founding fathers! I believe that together we would rebuild our broken fences, mend our cracked walls, restore hope, and return Nigeria to the path of greatness again. Surely,we can, and we must,” Atiku was quoted.
According to the letter, Atiku laid to rest speculations that he was planning to dump the party that gave him platform to contest the 2019 presidential election as a candidate.
“It is with utmost respect that I convey to you, my deep appreciation and profound gratitude for the overwhelming support and massive electoralvotes cast to support our Party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and my candidature for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during the 2019 general elections.
“Your wholesome support and steadfast commitment to our election campaign and programs manifesto has resulted in massive turn out and greater voter endorsement for the PDP, our dear Party. 
“Your actions produced one of the most keenly contested elections Nigeria has ever had. 
“But for the massive fraud perpetrated by the ruling party using its strongulating hold on the National electoral system, your efforts would have produced one of the loudest expressions of political rejection of the ravages and abysmal decadence to which our beloved nation has descended, since 2015.
“I have reflected on the electoral processes in general, and ourPresidential election project most specifically. I am still deeply concerned that the very issues that prompted us to pick up the gauntlet to save democratic forces who have visited severe stress on our political economy,” the statement quoted Atiku. 
It said the former Vice President conceded, that individuals are justified to hold such opinionsand even more. But they are not entirely correct.
“I assuage these feelings. Yes, I may have been apparently out of regular physical presence in Nigeria. My absence was not completely deliberate.
“Rather, it was strategic, as I have kept close contact and monitor events in our polity, reviewing and studying the changing dynamics. In addition, I also tried to undertake personal educational improvement, equipping myself with new knowledge, capacity and skills that would methodically review the appalling situation,” the letter from Atiku said.
Meanwhile, in response to the letter, Atiku Care Foundation Director General, Ambassador Aliyu Bin Abbas said that the group remains committed to supporting the noble gestures of its principal.
In the response made available by the Atiku Care Foundation DG’s SA, Collins Omyeaji, the group said they remain committed to cardinal principles of the former Vice president.
“Understanding and compassion for others is the cardinal principles of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar GCON Waziri Adamawa the distinguished father of the nation.
“We at the Atiku Care Foundation are highly humbled to have been given such a letter of recognition from you. 
“We will continue to promote, protect and extend your cares to the less privileged across the globe. You are tremendously appreciated Sir,” the response said.