Uba Sani Foundation Partners CBN ON Financial Inclusion To Sensitise Stakeholders


In an effort to educate and enlighten the general public on deepen financial inclusion and create opportunities for access to credit facilities for Nigerians, particularly people in Kaduna Central Senatorial District, the Uba Sani Foundation in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has commenced advocacy and sensitization meetings for critical key stakeholders across the seven Local Government Area’s of the District. 
In a 2 days program with the theme: ‘Repositioning Northern Nigeria for Economic Impact through Financial Inclusion’ was facilitated by Cambio Development Communication Initiative at Bafra International Hotel, kaduna.

Mr Williams Bangajiya, a resource person at the event, speaking on the topic- ‘Revamping the Economy of Northern Nigeria through Financial Inclusion’, said most average Nigerians particularly in rural and peri-urban areas do not have access to financial services and as such, realisation of their economic potential has been impaired in the past.
“With financial inclusion, people can borrow from institutional sources that have been proposed in the strategy to support their business, increase their income, feed well, educate their children and aspire to improve their general living conditions.
“As income increase, such people will begin to save, accumulate assets, and contribute more meaningful and sustainably to general growth of the economy in terms of GDP and GND.
“When more people are empowered to contribute to economic growth, the pace of development will be faster. Financial Inclusion is generally therefore important to the country’s vision 2020-20 of becoming the one of the largest economies globally” he said.
The engagement had in attendance Council Chairmen, District Heads, religious leaders (representatives of JNI and CAN), National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) officials, leaders of Persons with Disabilities Organizations, Political leaders, Youth and Women leaders across the seven local government areas in the zone.
Also speaking, the Zonal Chief Constituency Officer to the Distinguish Senator Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Abubakar Rabiu Abubakar said the programme is as a result of long and strenuous efforts by the founder of Uba Sani Foundation, Senator Uba Sani to ensure that the people of Kaduna Central Senatorial District in particular and the North in general avail themselves of the opportunities offered by the Federal Government’s Social Intervention Programmes.
According to him, Senator Uba had observed that in successive programmes majority of the people could not benefit because they had no bank accounts and had little or no  knowledge of how to access loan facilities. Instead of merely agonizing over the unfortunate situation, the Distinguished Senator took steps to remedy the situation, through the sensitization programme.
He added that, the target of the Foundation is to get about 1 million people to open bank accounts and acquire financial literacy in Kaduna State, and to get 4 million people in the North West to open bank accounts at no cost.
Some of the participants at the event  appreciated Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Uba Sani foundation for taking the bold step aimed at putting them in good stead to benefit from Government’s intervention programmes and incorporating them firmly into the ever dynamic financial system.
They went further to commended Senator Uba Sani for his vision and commitment towards uplifting the condition of his people by giving them tools for self and collective empowerment.

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