Nigeria @ 59: Judiciary, Rule Of Law Must Be Respected, Obeyed – Legal Practitioner

President General of Igbo Community Welfare Association (ICWA), Kaduna State Chapter, Chief Barrister Chris Nnoli, has emphasized that for human dignity to be fully restored, judiciary and the rule of law must be respected by every institution.
Barr. Nnoli said for the country to move forward, the rule of law is central to the success of every democratic system of government.
Nnoli who was speaking to journalists on the Nigeria at 59th Independence Day in Kaduna, said for Nigeria to attain it’s rightful position in the comity of nations, the rule of law must be obeyed, respected and be seem to be respected by all institutions and individuals.
He lamented that, except where it affected the core existence of Nigeria as a sovereign nation, a situation where, verdicts of judges of competent court of jurisprudence are disregarded and unimplemented, spell dooms for a democratic nation such as Nigeria.
While he Congratulated the country for attaining 59th years as independent nation, Nnoli noted that Nigeria had all that it’s required to get to where it suppose to be. 
“I know we are yet to be where we ought to be. On the rule of law, we’re independent country but whether we are fully democratic as a nation is something else. 
“The rule of law must be obeyed, so that we don’t go back to the stone age where the strongest person carry everything by force.
“A rule of law, where a competent court judge makes and order, and is obeyed, whether government or individual is key. The rule of law means nobody or institutions should be above the law. Judiciary is there to restore the dignity of human being. Everybody has the freedom of speech and expression”, he said.
The Igbo leader, also advocated for what he described as first eleven, and a coalition government, whereby any elected leader would bring everybody together to work as a people to achieve greatness.
“Bring everybody together, the best brain, excellence ideas, irrespective of their religion, tribes, political affiliation or ethnicities to work for the growth of the country, cannot be over emphasized”, he stated. 

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