Nigeria @59: Hon Usman Bawa ABG Congratulates Nigerians

Former House of Representatives Member, Hon. Usman Bawa ABG has congratulated Nigerians for sticking to the path of peaceful and united co-existence in the face of divisive challenges.
Hon. ABG commended the nation’s unity since her Independence in the last 59 years and urged Nigerians to remain steadfast in the pursuit of peace and unity in order to achieve the lofty goals set for successive generations by the founding fathers of the nation.
He congratulated Nigerians through a press statement issued and signed by him, that inspite of all the challenges that have been confronting us we still remain as one nation.
“At 59, Nigeria as a nation and Nigerians as a people should begin to see the unity of the country as a development that has become indelible, which should also encourage the citizenry to think less about tribal and religious differences, and think more about the progress and hermony of the nation.
“Nigeria has come to stay as a nation and there is nothing anybody can do about that. What is expected is that all hands should be on deck to build a Nigeria of our collective dream where freedom, peace and unity abound, and where the labour of our Heroes past, shall never be in vain”, he said.Hon ABG called on elected leaders to redeem their campaign promises to the electorates, provide jobs for the youths and empowering women to be self reliance.He wishes the good and obedient people of Kaduna State and Nigerians in general on this momentous period of Nigeria’s 59th Independence Day Celebration

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