LG Affairs Commissioner Mamman Lagos Says Greater Kaduna State Achievable Under Governor Sani

…As Governor Uba Sani celebrate 100 Days In Office

As congratulatory messages continue to flow in from across the country and beyond, Kaduna State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Sadiq Mamman Lagos has joined other prominent Nigerians to felicitate Governor Uba Sani for clocking a milestone of 100 days in office.

Mamman Lagos in a press statement expressed optimism in the ability of Gov. Uba Sani to transform the state beyond expectations, saying a greater Kaduna would be achieved under the present administration.

The Commissioner gave glad tidings to Kaduna people of good things and better days ahead, assuring electorate once more that Uba Sani would not let them down in fulfilling his campaign pledges by bringing succour to all in the State.

He listed humble achievements of the Governor within three months to include; recent reduction in fees charged by state-owned higher institutions, dolling out 3 Billion naira to primary health centres, recruiting of over 700 youth into vigilante service to curb insecurity, commissioning and awarding roads contract, increasing allowances of traditional heads so they could perform their roles effectively among other human developmental strides.

“Governor Uba Sani has began on a very positive note by hitting the ground running where he ensured basic necessities of citizens’ welfare were given utmost priorities.

“He has raised the bar of leadership by disappointing the doubting thomases who thought he would not deliver on his mandates.

“He has been able to prove beyond doubt that performance is not all about noisemaking and beating your drums.

“His leadership philosophy has been let your good work speak for you rather than engaging in rhetoric and subterfuge as arts of governance.

“He detests seeing people in hardship, especially his subjects whom he believes should be beneficiaries of dividends of leadership and democratic experiment, “he said.

The politician enjoined the people of the state to support the administration of Uba Sani to deliver his mandates of providing relief to the masses through policies with direct impacts on their welfare.

“I can vouch for the Governor anytime, anywhere that he is a good man with lofty ideas to transform lives of his subjects positively by ensuring they benefit directly or indirectly from government.

“He has always contended that basic needs of the people must be catered for and should be the primary concern of the authorities.

“If you like call him a socialist but the fact remains indisputable that the governor is unsettled whenever he’s informed that welfare of his subjects is in jeopardy, ” he stated.