House Of Reps Expresses Solidarity With Kaduna State Government Amidst Insecurity Challenges

***Calls for improve welfare for security agencies


In a show of solidarity and support, the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Dr. Abbas Tajudeen, convened in Kaduna State to extend sympathy and pledge assistance to the government and people of the state in light of recent insecurity challenges in the state.

The delegation, comprising members of the green chamber, expressed profound dismay over the tragic incidents of the school kidnapped pupils in Chikun local government, left the region in shock.

The Speaker emphasized the House’s unwavering commitment to partnering with Kaduna State authorities to devise effective security solutions aimed at preventing such atrocities from recurring.

Acknowledging the proactive measures implemented by His Excellency, Governor Uba Sani, to maintain peace and security in Kaduna State, the Speaker commended the state’s security architecture.

He further announced plans to host a National Legislative Security Summit after the forthcoming Sallah celebrations, bringing together key stakeholders to address nationwide security concerns.

In response, Governor Uba Sani expressed gratitude for the House of Representatives’ steadfast support during these trying times, recalling their previous collaboration during the Tudun Biri incident.

He urged the House to prioritize the amendment of the constitution to allow for the establishment of state police, citing it as a crucial step towards enhancing security across Nigeria.

Moreover, Governor Sani highlighted the urgent need to ensure the welfare and morale of security personnel, emphasizing their pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s citizens.

He pledged Kaduna State’s commitment to working alongside the National Assembly to address security challenges effectively.

Dr. Tajudeen’s leadership and commitment received accolades from Governor Sani, who lauded his efforts in fostering unity and cooperation among stakeholders.

Additionally, Governor Sani revealed conversations with national leaders, including President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who expressed admiration for Speaker Tajudeen’s leadership qualities.

As the delegation concluded their visit, assurances of continued collaboration and support echoed throughout the gathering, underscoring the collective determination to restore peace and security in Kaduna State and beyond.