Eid-El-Kabir : ABG Urges Muslims To Imbibe Spirits Of Love , Sacrifice

As Muslims worldwide mark yet another Eid-El-Kabir in commemoration of the sacrifice and commitments to Allah’s injuctions by Prophet Abraham and his Son Ismail , Former member , House of Representatives , Hon. Shehu Bawa ABG has enjoined Muslim Faithful in Nigeria to imbibe the spirits of love and sacrifice for one another , adding that Nigeria would only develop when Governments at all levels showed love , compassion and commitments to welfare of Nigerians.
In a Sallah message to Muslims in Kaduna , Shehu ABG  recalled the origin of big Sallah celebration to the willingness , obedience and complete adherence to Allah’s injuctions by both father and son , prophets Ibrahim and Ismail whom he explained won the test and trials of Allah and inscribing their names in the sand of history as two respectable men of God.
He challenged Muslims to , as a code of conduct exemplify in their lives and dealings with others , non-muslims in particular , the message of the Eid celebration , stressing that Nigeria would only get better and overcome the perennial challenges of rising insecurity , abject poverty and extreme inflation experienced across the country if they put nation’s interests above personal advantages.
” The reason Nigerians are still facing challenges in virtually every aspect of their lives is not far-fetched ; We have relegated core teachings of our religion to the background , we have made our religious obligations to God and to the larger society ceremonial , without practising core values of our faiths.
” It will be very difficult to overcome our current challenges if we keep paying lip service to duties of our Creator on us by saying one thing and doing the other.
” Looting and stealing for example are spelt clearly in both our religious books and Constitution as serious infractions that we must avoid but today at high level of governance , stealing with impunity has become a governance norm where Government officials loot public funds meant for developing the society.

” It is high time We brought back being religious conscious in our daily lives . It is the only option left to move this nation forward. ” He charged.

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