Banditry: Senator Uba Sani Storms IDP Camp With Relief Items Worth 2M

By Amos Mathew, Kaduna
Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Uba Sani has donated relief items worth Two Million naira to conflict affected families currently camped at primary schools in Birnin Yero in order to alleviate their hardship.
The distributed food parcels containing such items as rice, sphaghetti, sugar, rice, oil, satchet water, bread and milk according to the relief needs of the displaced persons.
Financial support was also extended to members of the civilian Joint Task Force  that assist the security agencies in curbing the activities of bandits.
Following a recent outbreak of bandit violence in 17 innocent communities of Igabi Local Government Area, hundreds of  people have fled and sought refuge in transitional refugee camps primary schools at neighbouring Birnin Yero.
The displaced communities included Dallatu, Digani, Unguwan Audu, Bakin kasuwa, Jura, Un/Tofa, Sauran Giwa, Kosau, Kajinjiri and Gidan Makeri.While assessing the condition of the camp during the visit, the Senator observed that in addition to the previous aid, the displaced persons may need health and/or medical assistance, especially the most vulnerable groups of children, women and the elderly, as well as awareness on disease and epidemic prevention.
He noted the need for the civil society and professional bodies to assist in providing numerous services, social activities and protection services to all  IDPs across the country  in partnership with other operating international organizations and in cooperation with the authorities in the communities where IDPs are located.
He pointed out the need for authorities and the public to endeavour to contribute to support stability of families affected by security incidents by supporting lifesaving of the affected communities and the stability of affected families. 
“Such services should include vocational and professional training service aimed to build the capacity of displaced family members and the host community and to empower them vocationally and professionally to help them secure income for their families,” the Senator said.
He advised the implementation of various training programmes in the fields of  literacy, life skills, crafts and professions for young men and women. 
“Such training programmes should include for example, sewing, embroidery, henna, auto mechanics, mobile phone maintenance, and electrical wiring,” he said.
He commended government efforts in previously rehabilitating and reconstructing the homes of affected families in several places most affected by conflicts in the country particularly in the Northeast.

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