Attention Governing Council: Selective Justice as ABU, Zaria Sacked 15 Staff for Harassment, others

Reference to our article entitled “AS ABU, ZARIA JUBILATING CASE DISMISSED, IMS (UK) FELLOW, COUNSEL HEADS TO APPEAL COURT”published online 23rd September, 2019, quickly,on 26th September, 2019 (via Daily Trust Newspaper), the Management of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, released it has sacked 15 of its staff for harassment and corruption among others. Three lecturers from the Sociology department were sacked over alteration of result, extortion of students and illegal allocation of grades. A lecturer in Political Science department was demoted over loss of students’ scripts, the offence that the university defined as “negligence of duty” while Dr. Abubakar Yahaya (2nd Defendant), Statistics Department and Professor Babangida Sani (3rdDefendant), Mathematics Department were left UNFURNISHED for FRUSTRATED, UNNECESSARY PROLONGED STUDY PERIOD, INTIMIDATED, VITMIZED, and HARASSED a PhD Student Jamilu Auwalu Adamu effective from 23rd December, 2014, 16:19:16. Subsequently, Jamilu was illegally withdrawn effective from 10th May, 2015, that is within THREE MONTHS OF HIS INITIAL REGISTRATION: 16th January, 2015 (please, see Exhibit PLF 4.

Jamilu was invited by POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL of ABU and he honoured the invitation held on 15th June, 2016 (please, see Exhibit PLF 16). The matter was referred to the Department by ABU PG School, Jamilu appeared before the MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT COMMITTEE on Saturday, 23rd July, 2016, by 10.00am, in the conference room of the Department, please, see Exhibit PLF 17 dated 8th February, 2017. 

The POSTGRADUATE AND DEPARTMENT COMMITTEES refused to communicate their report findings in respect of Jamilu’s PhD Thesis and Status since 15th June, 2016 (1 YEAR) until when Jamilu through his learned Counsel Solicitors, AUDU BULAMA & ASSOCIATES wrote to the PG School on Jamilu’s PhD Thesis and Status (please, see Exhibit PLF 9 dated 30th May, 2017). SURPRISINGLY, ABU Management via its LEGAL DEPARTMENT NOT GOVERNING COUNCIL replied to the Jamilu’s Counsel among others:

a) That the Plaintiff has No Case with the 1stDefendant or 2nd Defendant;

 b) That a Certified True Copy of the 1stDefendant’s Two Set of Committees Findings and Reports of their Investigation in respect of the Plaintiff’s Petition are Confidential Not for Public Consumption;

 b) That Plaintiff had Ceased to the 1stDefendant’s Students Since 10th Day Of May, 2015 for the Plaintiff did Not Register For 2014/2015 Session; and,

 d) Therefore, in view of the above facts, we suggest that you should advise your client if he still have interest in Ahmadu Bello University Programmes he can RE-APPLY, and if he fulfilled the University’s Rules and Regulations (requirement), HE CAN BE GIVEN ADMISSION. Please, see Exhibit PLF 7 dated 13th June, 2017.

However, It is crystal clearly proven that Dr. Abubakar Yahaya, Statistics Department of ABUFRUSTRATED, UNNECESSARY PROLONGED STUDY PERIOD, INTIMIDATED, VITMIZED, and HARASSED Jamilu in our previous article links: (1) As ABU, Zaria Jubilating Case Dismissed, IMS (UK) Fellow, Counsel Heads To Appeal Court (2)

Upon all the EVIDENCES and FACTS established in our previous story, since 15th June, 2016, the Management of Ahmadu Bello University has REFUSED to take any DISCIPLINARY ACTION against Dr. Abubakar Yahaya (2nd Defendant), Statistics Department and Professor Babangida Sani (3rd Defendant), Mathematics Department (a case of Double Standard), while in the other hand, the Director of ABU’s Public Affairs, Dr. Sama’ila Shehu is claiming that the “action is a testimony to the fact that ABU doesn’t hesitate in taking disciplinary action against any erring staff or student.”

The question whether Dr. Abubakar Yahaya (2nd Defendant), Statistics Department has being enrolled in 2017 for another FRESH PhD in the Department of Statistics, ABU, Zaria because of PROBLEM associated with his 1stPhD that qualified him to be Lecturer I and served as JAMILU’S, IBRAHIM IBRAHIM YUSUF: P16PSST9001 and ABDULLAHI UMAR KABIR: P16PSST9051 Major Supervisor will be left unanswered until when we are able to AUTHENTICALLY and ADEQUATELY VERIFIED the information given to us.

Jamilu and his Counsel SULE SHUA’IBU ESQ have filed MOTION OF APPEAL since September, 2019.

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