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The Management of the National Eye Centre, Kaduna, wants to inform the general public as follows:
Though the Federal and State Governments have eased the lockdown order, based on available statistics, government made it clear that the corona virus pandemic is not yet over.
The implication of the above is that every Nigerian and every Nigerian institution, as directed by the government, has to take the responsibility to stop the spread by observing relevant safety measures.
In line with the above, the National Eye Centre has mapped out the following strategies for the safety of staff, patients and visitors to the hospital:
For now, our services are still mainly for emergency cases.
Our various sub-specialty clinics will rebook our old patients and contact them on phone.
If the clinic does not contact you as an old patient please do not come except you have an emergency.
Emergencies include:

Trauma – Chemical burns
– Sharp objects injuries
– Blunt
– Slap
– Road Traffic Accident (RTA)
Sudden loss of vision
Post operative complications or complaint
Acute pain (Acute Glaucoma)
Retina Detachments – Referred cases

  • Complaint of seeing hallows or Rainbow
    Redness of the eye
    Purulent discharge
    Foreign Body
    Within six weeks post operation
    Those who come as new patients will be triaged (sorted out) and those whose conditions fall within the emergency list will be attended to while others will be counselled and told when to come back.
    Patients who will be attended to must come with face mask, wash their hands at the entrance, allow their temperature to be checked and observe social distance by standing or sitting only on designated points already marked by the hospital.
    Patients should not be accompanied by any family member except if the patient cannot see well, is a child or aged or cannot speak English or Hausa.
    Patients who fall into the category listed must be accompanied by only one guide.
    For now surgeries are done on day case basis, so no visitors are allowed in our Ward.
    When the Wards are fully re-opened, as the pandemic eases off, only one visitor will be allowed to visit strictly during the visiting time which is 4 – 6pm.
    The hospital will appreciate patients’ and public’s understanding of the above listed guidelines for compliance.
    The hospital will continue to offer effective and efficient services in line with its vision to be the leading eye care provider in Africa.

Signed Management

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