ABG Worried Over Unending Killings In Southern Kaduna , Northern Nigeria

Former Member  House Of Representatives , Shehu ABG has again urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take a decisive action to end the cycle of attacks in southern Kaduna and northern part of Nigeria that have , according to him become a frequent occurrence across several communities resulting in incalculable loss of lives and turning families to internally displaced persons.
He lamented absence of quick response mechanisms by security agencies to respond to distressed calls from communities under attacks from armed men , adding that he feared a complete desertion of the  rural community which  he said produced food and animals consumed  across the  country, if frequent attacks were not brought to an end .
ABG who was also Special Adviser on Special Duties to Former Speaker , House of Representatives , Yakubu Dogara , decried a situation where security personnel including soldiers and police were rescued and in some instances ransoms paid to secure their release after being abducted by kidnappers or terrorists , describing it as highly unfortunate and unacceptable , adding that the situation could not have degenerated to this level if Federal Government had listened to good counsels of patriotic Nigerians to completely overhaul Nigeria’s security architecture by sacking the current service chiefs.
He wondered the wisdom of keeping service chiefs who should have retired long ago despite their failure to effectively manage rising Insecurity across the country.
The Former Federal Legislator reiterated his earlier calls for the sacking of the current service chiefs and replacing them with more vibrant officers who he believed would inject new ideas capable of securing lives and property of Nigerians from terrorists and bandits.
” The rates at which human lives are taken by terrorists and bandits on almost daily basis should unsettle any individual with conscience and be a thing of serious concern by any Government with the interest of her people at heart.
” For how long should we fold our hands and watch helplessly as armed men ransack one community after the other killing , maiming and raping women with impunity with no one arrested and brought to book. 
” It sends a wrong signal to these endangered communities to resort to self-help for their protection from these killers .
” It is unfortunate Nigerians , northerners in particular have become accustomed to hearing sad news of killings and abduction with Government seemed helpless to tackle the problem headlong.
” What has been happening to huge security spendings by both Federal and state Governments? Our security personnel , military in particular who themselves have been victims of senseless killings by terrorists should attract our sympathies and need  for Governments to provide modern and sophisticated arms , equipment and logistics for our security personnel to effectively fight against these terrorists wrecking havocks all over the place. ” He said.

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