2023: Northern Group Advocates For Power Shift To South-South

A Northern Group under the aegis of Arewa Consultative Youth Movement has advocated for power shift from the north to the south-south region of the country.

The group also expressed its displeasure over misgovernance by the selection of favored incompetent persons into the nation’s helm of affairs.

The declaration was made known by the Spokeperson of the group, Abdullahi Balarabe during a Maiden Press Conference of the year 2020 in Kaduna, calling for youthful President come 2023.

Meanwhile the group has equally accused the old politicians in Nigeria for plundering the nation’s resources and leading the country economy into woe.

According to him, the issue of insecurity, strangulation of Government’s work, corruption, disregard for the rule of law, marginalization, nepotism and the trampling of the fundamental human rights of the ordinary citizen has become the order of the day, which he said the scourge must be urgently addressed.

While speaking, he explained that, elections in Nigeria are not free, adding that interest of the nation has been thrown to the dogs by those at the helm of affairs.

” There is no distribution of power amongst the various class of citizens in terms of leadership.

” Not too long ago, the President signed into law the ‘Not Too Young to Run bill, but it is quite unfortunate that only a negligible few young persons have been able to attain leadership positions. This is clearly a case of injustice on the part of the youth of this country.

” The need for us to be introspective and proactive on issues has now warranted us to state clearly without equivocation that we are calling for a return to South-South Presidency.

” This has now become the central theme of our collective discourse, hence and we will continue to clamour for it despite seeming manifestation of tribal configuration that has taken over value system and caused by bad leadership over the years”, he said.

Meanwhile, the group disclosed: ” we have a mission to change the mindset of youths and to reawaken them to the spirit of nationalism and dedication to ways that will bring about peace, progress and development in Nigeria””We are calling on all Nigerian youth and Nigerians in general never to vote a President of this country who is above 55 years of age .
“In order to reshape , refocus , reinvigorate our vision to face the future and confront the numerous challenges, we call on all and sundry to heed our clarion call so that we can salvage our frail and ailing Nation called Nigeria”, it added. 

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