19 Northern State CAN Urges Gov. El-rufai To End Killings In Southern Kaduna

The 19 Northern State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has urged Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna State to do all it can to end the continued killings in Southern Kaduna.

While urging the governor to add more troops in the area to properly secure the people ,CAN advocated for dialogue that will produce a white paper to be implemented by the state government as panacea to future peace and security of the area.

The call was made by the Executive Secretary Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission and Chairman, CAN 19 Northern States and Abuja, Reverend Yakubu Pam, during a press briefing held in Kaduna on Friday.

“As a religious leader from northern Nigeria and also as a peace lover of this country ,the events that are happening here should be a concern to every peace lover in Nigeria that is why I came to Kaduna, to talk to the Kaduna state Governor Mallam Ahmad Nasir El-rufai to add more intervention on what is happening in Southern part of Kaduna state, innocents people are being killed, criminals are having a field day, the stories outside there is painting us very ugly and we need to do something,

“I also pledged with him that we will not leave him alone because the work of peace and resolving crisis like this is not only meant for an individual or government alone but is a work that every citizens will come together on deck and handle it together

According to him, he has earlier met with the Leadership of CAN Kaduna State Chapter; “I talked with them that it is good for them to speak out but be mindful , you shouldn’t speak in such a way that unity of the state will be destroyed,

“You should speak frank and we should be able to advice the way forward, our speaking should not just be empty and with anger but it should be the way forward, what is the way forward for this crisis.

“I went to the governor and I told him that he need to add more troops and he need to give opportunity from people of Southern Kaduna from both side to meet and dialogue and come out with a white paper which both of them will agree on the way forward and that white paper they might be demand from both side

“He should be ready to have political will to accept the decision of the people. The good news is that El-rufai accepted that whatever will be the result of the meeting with the people he will implement their decision,”he stated

Speaking further the CAN Chairman said, “we are not relaxing, we are going to hold that meeting with them as plans are on ground,” adding that, the stakeholders’ meeting shall consist of “the influential people, selected people of Kaduna, people who are with the people to sit down from both sides for 3days to discuss their differences and to come out with common position

“it may differs in position but will harmonize a lot of them and especially to discuss the root cause of the problem and the way forward.”

He equally called on Kaduna and Federal government for quick intervention for those in IDPs camps to assist them with relieve materials .

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