YCE’s Alarm: Yoruba Council Condemns Divisive Publication On Disowning Serikin-Hausa/Fulani Stools

The apex Yoruba interest group,  Igbimo Apapo Yoruba  Lagbaye in a swift reaction to correct the misconceptions on the divisive spiral media publications by the former President of the Yoruba Council of Elders, Chief Col. Dansaaki Samuel Agbede (Rtrd.) on the state of insecurity and influx unidentified Fulani youth in Lagos State and other parts of Southwestern States.
The President of the Yoruba Council Worldwide (Igbimo Apapo Yoruba Lagbaye) Aare Barr. Oladotun Hassan in his reaction signed by the Publicity Secretary, Otunba Gboyega Adeoye,  used the opportunity to call for peace, unity and concerted sober reflections by all Nigerians.
It said that predicated on the rising spate of kidnappings, community invasions and killings of Igangan, Ekiti, Ondo and Yewa part of Ogun State, not forgetting its ripple effects across the country, one will feel concerned as a stakeholder to caution the Lagos State Government, the Oba of Lagos and other critical stakeholders to be extra vigilant and be more security conscious accordingly. 
“However, it is rather uncomplementary to seize the precarious situation to raise an inflammatory statement on the call for the abolition and unrecognition of the stools of Serikin Hausa/Fulani of Lagos or any part of Yoruba Land thereof.
“This is most condemnable and decietfully captioned alarming headlines by majority of the newspapers and blogs inorde to cause traffic and tension, as it was issued by the Yoruba Council of Elders.
“For absolute clarity and records, this is not a categorical statement of YCE, consequently, we hold no personal grudge against the elderstateman but we dissociate ourselves and implore the general public to view the publication as his personal opinion and not for the entire Yoruba race,” it said.
The group further said that considering the current porous hydraheaded state of indiscriminate killings, ethnic bigotry and animosity amongst the various ethnic groups, political and religious sections in Nigeria, there is the necessity to be extremely cautious by threading softly in making inflammatory statements capable of infuriating inter-tribal war, aimed at causing more harm than good. 
He said, “We detest such Infamous publications which lack ardent professionalism guiding  journalism, it is therefore, a complete misrepresentation of facts.
“Inevitably, we appeal for  genuine tolerance and unity amongst the various ethnic groups, most importantly on the need to extol the principles of communal reciprocity as well respecting  Nigeria’s constitution and trite fundamental human rights of all citizens irrespective of creed, religion or ethnic backgrounds to live peacefully and cohabit in any parts of the country.
“Nonetheless,  it is imminent  for the Lagos State Government to set up a special Agency on Inter-Ethnic Relations to regulate the modus operandi on how such non- indigenous groups operates Lagos.
“Unfortunately, we reiterate our stand that Lagos and other Southwestern States belong to the Yoruba people.  In view of our uncommon love and accommodation of other tribes, in order to set records straight, in total condemnation of the incessant frivolous claims by some unscrupulous groups who are in the habit of saying:  “Lagos is a No man’s land” or other vexatious statements by such non-indigenous ethnic groups.
“Most importantly to note, some areas in the North and Southern Zones allow for habitation of other indigenous clan representations, as well as their community leaders to operate under different nomenclatures and modus operandi, but it can therefore, be properly regulated by law in order not to misconstrue the title toga as land owners but rather as visitors, arguably not total abolition of the stools of Serikin Hausawa and Fulani, Eze Nndigbo, Oba/Asiwaju Yoruba to mention a few as the case may be.” 
Aare Oladotun Hassan urged  all Nigerians to pray for peace and harmony for the nation, which is currently bleeding to its marrows as a result of protracted state of insecurity, political instability, religious cum ethnic animosity and attrition, resulting to serious hydraheaded economic disastrous issues. 
“We must remain steadfast and committed to the cause of one indivisible and united Nigeria, in order to achieve sustained peace and committed sacrifices,”