Kriston Drums (stage name) is a musician, music producer and produces all genre of beats. Kriston Drums whose real name is Ugonna Njubigbo, in this interview explains why independent music artists are on the rise and are dominating the music industry. He also spoke on other issues. Excerpts:

How did your music career begin?
First of all let me introduce myself. My name is  Kriston Drums. That is my stage name and that how I am popularly referred to in the music industry. My real name though is Ugonna Njubigbo. I am from Anambra State, but I grew up in Lagos and am also based in Lagos. 
I started music about 15 years ago as an analog drummer in church, of which I later went into digital drums of making beats and also singing. That transformed me into a music producer, and I have been combining singing and producing artistes and beats for artists ever since.

Your music genre is reggae. Why did you choose that line of music?
 I love reality, and  reggea has all the truth in music. I also get inspiration whenever I listen to reggea music. That is why I choose that line of music. Whenever you listen to music of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Peter Torch, and the likes, you will understand what I am talking about. Reggae musicians tell truth with their music. Equally, afrobeats is an African culture so I had to infuse reggea and afrobeats so the majority can relate to music and style. It’s a good symphonic that listeners cannot resist. 

Your latest single is titled Peerless. What does that titles mean to your music?
Peerless means second to none, priceless, unusual, uncommon or irreplaceable. The song talks about a love that can never be found. The chorus in the song is “No one can love me like you”.  She is PEERLESS to say.
You said ‘she’. Does that mean you are referring to someone?
Well, every good music always refer to someone, something, happenings, true life situations and all that.
How do you connect with your fans?
I connect with my fans most times on  social media, Instagram majorly. This is because most fans are widespread and far-flung. That is why I mostly use the social media. Besides, I am hoping to build a new fan base  globally with my new kind of sound and music for a longer period of time. 

Tell us more about the beats you have produced.
I have produced ringtones and sound tracks for  technology companies, and also for some artists too who I wouldn’t want to mention their names here because of the agreement reached with them. Nonetheless, production excites me and I love what I do behind close doors. That is making creative unique sounds to thrill souls and bring joy to people. 
 How do you cope with the competition in the music industry?
Well, competition is normal and making a unique music/beat should  attract competitors to me. That is actually what makes me to sit-up and more hardworking. Breakthrough comes from hard work and consistency, good planning, tenacity and to continue doing your best against all odds. However, God is the ultimate giver of breakthrough.

Are you signed with any music label?
I am an independent artist, and not signed to any label . So I push and promote myself against all odds and challenges. Why most talents are becoming independent artists these day is because getting signed by music label is not easy and there are many obstacles. But should you go independent, foused and dedicated to your work, and then eventually begin to make waves, the record labels will begin to look for you.

Does that mean you are encouraging artists to go independent? My answer to that is that any artiste who does not have a record label to sign him should go independent, because waiting for those records labels which is not forth coming can kill ones career. But should one go independent, such person would even learn much encompassing things in music production and become helpful to upcoming artists who are struggling.

What’s your message to your fans and upcoming artistes?
To my fans I will say I appreciate their faithfulness and commitment, and I urge them to stay closer as I will not disappoint them. Many of them so much believe in what I am doing and every time I keep telling myself that I cannot afford to disappoint them. One of the channels that has increased my fan base is those who I have helped or produced. They spread the word of my good works and kept attracting people to me all the time. And to the upcoming artists I will say that they should stay focused, determined, learn from those who have advanced and be patient. They should not be in a hurry to hit stardom because the road is often challenging. But if the are committed to what they do, surely they will Excel.