Sallah: Sardaunan Badarawa Urges Muslims To Pray For Nation

Hon. Usman Ibrahim known as Sardaunan Badarawa has called on Muslims to use the Sallah occasion to pray for peace, progress and development of Nigerian.

In a press statement, the politician and philanthropist expressed deep faith in oneness and invisibility of Nigeria as a country, adding that the nation would do better as one with a purposeful leadership at the centre.

He urged both Muslims and Christians in kaduna central and the entire country to live in peace with one another as that is the only way the country can move forward.

He also expressed optimism in the ability of Nigerians to overcome their present challenge with prayers, determination and commitment to nation building.

“I will use this special occasion to enjoin my Muslim brothers and sisters to utilize this period in which Allah accepts prayers and supplication to seek His face to intercede for our dear country to overcome her present challenges.

“I strongly believe our prayers will be answered if done with faith and humility to our merciful Creator who answers prayers of His servants.

“Our dear nation is in need of quick intervention from Allah, we should not relent in calling on Him to assist our leaders to govern with fear of God and selflessness for peace, progress and development of their people, “he said.