Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative aka Rescue Movement For New Nigeria, a registered NGO, has condemned the Christmas day genocide in Plateau State, where over 160 innocent Nigerians were brutally massacred in a coordinated attacks in more than 20 communities at the same time, by terrorists operating under the name bandits.

Describing the attack as the usual ethnic cleansing, the group lamented that Nigeria has become a mere jungle of wild animals where precious lives of innocent can be sniffed out in mass murder and it won’t appear as if something that terrible happened.

This was obtained in a statement issued on behalf of the group, by the National Director, Media and Publicity; Rev Emmanuel Olorunmagba and made available to pressmen.

The clergy raised alarm with total dismay that, “our country, Nigeria has turned to a mere jungle of wild animals, where there is no iota of regard for human lives. Over 160 innocent Nigerians brutally massacred and it was like nothing happened! Yet only one person was murdered in America and the whole world including Nigerians raised alarm and it was #ICantBreath all over social media”.

Asking if we truly have a government and security apparatus in Nigeria. Because “it can’t just be explained how some wicked people will invade up to 20 communities with sophisticated guns and kill over 160 people without a single person been arrested, not even any record of being repelled by the security forces of the country.

“If there is no conspiracy from the power that be in the country, then the culprits should be smoked out and be made to face the full weight of the law. In a saner clime, heads would have been rolling by now, but in Nigeria it will be explained away and the government will only make a statement in some cases, waiting to make another statement when another massacre occur again. How long will things continue this way?” He concluded.