Publisher Of 234sportsng, Olukayode Thomas Alleges Threat By A Man Claiming To Be A DSS Operative

The publisher of, Mr. Olukayode Abimbola Thomas has revealed that he got a call at about 16.49 hours on Friday, September 9, 2022, from a man with telephone number 07063249244 who claimed to be an operative of DSS ordering him to report at the DSS Office in Ilorin, Kwara State on Monday without giving any reason.
The self-claimed operative did not state whether Thomas is a security risk or why he need to report at Ilorin even though he lives and works in Lagos.
A shocked and surprised Thomas said he told the man who claimed to be a DSS Operative that he is probably not a DSS Operative as he expected a genuine Officer to act with better finesse.
But the man claiming to be an Operative insisted that Thomas must be in Ilorin on Monday by whatever means. 
Thomas said he told the man on the phone that in these days of insecurity, anybody can claim to be a DSS Operative and lure unsuspecting Nigerians to be kidnapped or for any other reason. 
The journalist also told the man on the phone that the proper way would way have been for the DSS to send a letter inviting him to Ilorin at a date to be agreed between the two parties and that will give Thomas proper time to brief his lawyer. 
But the man on the phone kept insisting that all he wanted was for his order to be obeyed and that Thomas must be in Ilorin by Monday.
When Thomas explained that what was happening was akin to a threat to his life by an impersonator claiming to be DSS Operative on phone and that he will alert the public through the media about a threat to his security and that of his family, the man told Thomas to go ahead and write what transpired between them in the media.
After the conversation, Truecaller revealed his identity to be one Janguza Salisu Hamisu. 
Reporters familiar with the operation of DSS revealed that the agency will not summon anybody without a proper letter of invitation.
“They will inform you through the phone and follow up with a letter to your physical address and if you are outside their base, in this case, Kwara State, they will contact you through the Director of the State you reside with a letter to your physical address, not just a phone call, “a journalist said on condition of anonymity.
Thomas said he is using media to alert Nigerians that if anything happens to him and his family a man who claimed to be a DSS Operative with telephone number 07063249244 whose identity was revealed by Truecaller as Janguza Salisu Hamisu should be held responsible.