Job Creation: Bizi Mobile Again Trains, Empowers 500 Women On Financial Inclusion

In his latest efforts in job Creation and to rid Kano state of idleness, Chairman, MD/ CEO of Bizi Mobile, Alhaji Aminu Aminu Bizi has taken 500 northern women off the labour market by recruiting them as agents  into the mobile banking industry that is becoming more lucrative.
The 500 women, according to Alhaji Aminu Bizi would be deployed to serve as agents to banks and other financial Institutions in their drive to increasing customers’ base and help in achieving the Federal Government/CBN’s plan of making Nigeria a cashless Economy to compete with her peers in global business environment.

The MD/CEO Bizi Mobile added that thousands of Nigerian Youth had already been trained by Bizi Mobiles, their capacities built and enhanced on procedures and basic rudiments of registering individuals and corporate entities into the banking system via electronic banking transactions with ease, conducting businesses through the use of smart phones among others. 
He also said, this empowers agents will saved as bank representative in the community, by providing an easy  bank transaction, opening bank account, registration of NIMC, BVN, paid bills etc.  
“We have millions of Nigerians roaming the streets of our major cities without jobs to sustain their lives and take their minds off crime.
“These trends must not be allowed to persist if we’re truly serious about building generations of productive population capable of developing our various sectors to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.
” We must begin by absorbing teeming number of unemployed youth from the labour markets and providing source of livelihoods for them through public/private initiatives with supports from FG by implementing policies aimed towards creating jobs, making the country investors-friendly to attract foreign and local job creators to complement government’s efforts in ensuring a better society for all.
” Kano and northern as my base has been given priority over others, not however, undermining other constituencies and our diversities in consideration and commitments in our drive to building a prosperous nation.
” We will continue to explore any available opportunities in modern business world for our youth and country until our stated vision and mission of transforming and building a global competitive business entity and providing a conducive platform for our youth to explore and discover their individual and collective gifts are achieved , ” the business mogul said.

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