Independence Day: Sadiq Mamman Lagos Hints On Better Kaduna State Under Uba Sani


As Nigerians mark yet another Independence anniversary, Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Kaduna State Hon. Sadiq Mamman Lagos has assured of a better deal under the administration of Governor Uba Sani.

In a statement commemorating Nigeria’s Independence at 63, Mamman Lagos called for prayers from citizens for leaders to fulfil their electoral pledges of making lives of people better through economic revival and social welfare programmes.

He expressed confidence in the ability of Governor Uba Sani to effectively take Kaduna State to a higher level that would be the envy of others.

The Commissioner scored Uba Sani high, saying the Governor was able to turn around virtually all facets of governance around for the better, so people can feel the impacts of government at every level.

He described the Governor of Kaduna State as a man of strong character, integrity and exemplary qualities of leadership required to unite the masses under a common goal and objective.

“Senator Uba Sani has made some giant strides within a short period of time by listening to the yearnings of the people and answering their calls by making amendments where necessary and bringing succour to those in distress.

“The reduction of fees charged by the state-owned tertiary institutions and many other groundbreaking measures put in place to being relief to citizens are pointers to the humane and compassionate nature of the state Governor who is always worried about the welfare of his subjects.

“He detests seeing people in distress and in need of help without being attended to which according to him is the high point of heartlessness, particularly on the side of political leaders whose basic duty is to make life worthwhile and as comfortable as possible for all under their watch.

“We are not unaware of hard times being experienced across the nation but I can assure you that they will soon be things of the past because with the present APC administrations at the centre and the state level with men of vision and passion for country, citizens will very soon have a cause to smile, ” he said.