GYB: As The Awards Keep Rolling In, WE MOVE

The most recent big award in the kitty is the SUN NEWSPAPERS GOVERNOR OF THE YEAR AWARD. Was that for doing nothing? Those who hate the strides and the courage of the Young dynamic Governor of Kogi State will voice tommy-rot, but the fact remains incontrovertible, he has outperformed his peers, and as a Governor he has recorded Olympic feats in Security, Job Creation, Gender Inclusiveness, Religious Tolerance, Agriculture, Health etc.
The last time I checked, the Nigerian Union of Journalists NUJ Lagos State Chapter had given him an award for enterprising leadership. The National Chapter of the NUJ honoured him as an Exemplary Leader. The NUJ FCT Abuja Chapter gave him the Award of the Torchbearer of Security, and what other platform can most credibly and creditably say it as it is? Will the entire assemblage of Journalists from different Press, Electronic and Print decide to deceive? May it be known to all those who loathe and hate the Governor Yahaya Bello GYB phenomenon, that the awards will keep rolling in, because their hate will not blind the eyes of patriots and statesmen to the glowing light and strides of GYB.
Are you also aware that GYB was honoured by the Kwararafa Reporters as the Governor of the Year very recently? Are you aware that across the nation the GYB Movement stands tall with hundreds of Awards coming in from established media outfits, YOUTH groups, Civil Society outfits, Corporate Organizations? Do you think that they are for nothing? Are they simply about the politics of 2023? Think again. But truly ‘only a tree that bears ripe fruits get stoned’, so we are not troubled about the stones of naysayers, we have vowed however to never allow their lies and falsehood against GYB to stick. As they lie, we shall continue to tell the truth, for the truth only can set us, and indeed our nation free.
Did you observe the recent face saving volte face of the EFCC regarding the spurious litigation concerning Kogi, GYB and the 20b allegedly fixed in Sterling Bank for interest? The EFCC has since withdrawn the case, but we yet insist that they tell Nigerians the whole truth. Sterling Bank did not promise to return any money to the CBN because they cannot return what they do not have. There was no money fixed for profit, the money was used to clear the arrears Salaries which was the reason it was released by the FG in the first place, therefore tell all naysayers and purveyors of falsehood that their lies won’t stick.
Youth O’Clock is the trust of the moment and the urgency of now. The Youths have elected to identify with their own, they are ready, willing, able and resolute about the quest for a new deal for our Country. The GYB phenomenon across the nation is the validation of this trust. Young people are saying no to the lies and falsehood consistently woven against their Star Man in leadership. They are saying that the lies out there cannot defeat the truth.
And the TRUTH is that GYB is the best Governor in the Nigeria in the area of Gender Equality and Youth Inclusiveness, as recognized by a huge platform as the United Nations (UN Women), a research on this will amaze you. As the awards and honours roll in, We Move. So do your facts check and join the GYB Movement today.
The TRUTH is that GYB has made Kogi State the safest State in the North and the second safest State in Nigeria.
The TRUTH is that GYB has made Lokoja the capital city of Kogi State one of the fastest growing cities in Africa today.
The TRUTH is that Kogi State under GYB leads the pack in the roll of the States that service and reduce/repay their local debts in Nigeria. Thanks to the prudence and dexterity of the helmsman and Accountant cum Auditor with a midas touch, GYB.
The TRUTH is GYB’s Kogi State is not owing workers, and Kogi States tops the chart in paying Medical and Health Workers their salaries and emoluments.
The TRUTH is that Kogi State under GYB boasts of one of the most functional Rice Mills in Nigeria today. And that the Kogi State Agricultural Revolution scheme is second to none.
The TRUTH is that Kogi State has one of the best Skill Acquisition and informal education programmatic which is the key to creating jobs and making the seemingly unemployable employable.
The TRUTH is that with the Kogi State share of the COVID-19 Palliative funds, GYB is 65% done in building one of the biggest health facility in West Africa in Kogi State, and no other Governor presently serving has achieved that feat.
The TRUTH is that GYB is a unifier and a bridge builder and he has manifestly proven that on several fronts. Mediating the truce that ended the food blockade between the North and the South in February is a testament. Intervening along with the Governors of the South West in quelling the fulminating Fulani/Yoruba tiff in Oyo, Osun and Ondo States is lucid. And constantly reaching out to the leaders of the disparate ethnicities that people Nigeria is halcyon.
And the TRUTH about the GYB magic is ad infinitum, do you yet wonder why the awards keep rolling in? Wonder no more, our promise is to keep churning out the WHOLE TRUTH, for the lies against GYB won’t stick. GYB stands out.
As the awards for his great deeds and ennobling strides in leadership continue to roll in, Countrymen and women, WE MOVE with 2023 and the high office of President is our sure destination. It is YOUTH O’CLOCK Nigeria. God Bless You All.
Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.National CoordinatorGOT YOUR BACK NIGERIA.GYB NIGERIA.