Gusau Condemns Alleged Persecution Of Ex-Governor Matawalle By Successor

Critical stake holder in the State Engr. Ibrahim Shehu Gusau Ph.d Fnse, Fcns has condemned alleged persecution of former Governor Bello Matawalle by the present current administration in the State.

Engr. Gusau in a press release over the weekend described the alleged persecution of Matawalle as unwarranted, unchivalrous and unbecoming in a democratic atmosphere, adding that the ugly development would set a bad precedence in Zamfara State and the nation at large.

Gusau who was the first runner-up in PDP Zamfara 2023 governorship primary election decried the disgraceful manner the former number one citizen in the state and members of his family were treated to an extent of stripping them of their personal effects and belongings just because they no longer called the shot in Government House.

Gusau, Former President of Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) noted with dismay the gradual creeping of politics of hatred and vendetta into the nation’s political terrain, with Zamfara under Governor Dauda Lawal Dare as a classical example.

He counselled Governor Dare to use the right channel provided in the constitution if at all he had anything criminal against his predecessor in office, saying display of an open acrimony and revenge through proxies would not augur well for people of the state whom he noted had already been tormented enough by bandits and other criminals.

“The least Zamfara people are expecting from Governor Dare is to hit the ground running by fulfilling his campaign promises to the electorate if indeed he had their interest at heart.

“Four years are like the blinking of an eye and another cycle of an election period will be here again when score sheets of stewardship will be assessed based on performance in education, security, health, infrastructure, poverty alleviation and other indices of governance.

“Going after former Governor Bello Matawalle will not count as an achievement for Dare, it will rather be a minus to his administration for making the life of his predecessor and his family uncomfortable as soon as he got into office.

“I want to remind Governor Dare about the transient nature of power and the illusive allure it comes with which is nothing but mirage that disappears like a smouldering dew with the rising sun.

“Matawalle may have his shortcomings as a human being and as a governor, I believe he had stepped on toes of so called big men of the state, hence their gang up against him through a proxy in the Government House.

“I see no justifiable reason for his persecution and humiliation to an extent of looting property of his household just to spite his person.

“The invasion of his houses in Gusau and Maradun, respectively by Police men from whom we all know where apparently acting on the instructions of Dauda Lawal, was an illegal action that can throw the state into serious crisis.

“These kind of ugly situation has never happened in the history of our beloved state and as a Son of soil I will not remain mute over such an unwarranted treatment melted on another Son of the soil.

“I have received several calls from friends and my supporters in the state on what actions to be taken to put a hold on the persecution of the immediate past governor from the present governor of the state. I just have to calmed them down not to take the law into their hands as we will follow the right channel to address the persecution melted on the former governor.

“I and other prominent indigenes of this dear state are condemning in strongest term this shameful and unstatesmanlike action of these people against a man who has earned their angst because he set out to expose the culprits behind continuous insecurity in the state, “he alleged.