Economic Hardship, Insecurity: Nigerians Have Been Pushed Too Far – Northern Youth Leaders

*Issue 3-day ultimatum to FG to reverse policies

While lamenting the level of hunger resulting from the daily skyrocketing food prices in the country, as well as increasing spate of insecurity, the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF), has warned that Nigerians have been pushed to the wall.

This was expressed at a press briefing yesterday in Lafia, with the text, read by NYLF President, Comrade Elliot Afiyo in Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital, where the group lamented that security agencies freed bandits arrested by vigilante.

*Consequently, we would like to appeal to the Northern Youths to remain calm until all avenues for negotiation and actions of government are exhausted

“Definitely we have been pushed to the wall but violent reactions can only worsen the situation,” NYLF said.

In conclusion, we call upon all wealthy Northerners to assist and initiate palliative measures in their communities to avert negative reactions.

Comrade Afiyo said that, “it is with great dismay and excruciating pains that I address you today on the security challenges and the severe hardship being faced by Nigerians especially the Northerners.

“It is an evident truth that since the inception of this democratic dispensation in 1999, Nigeria especially the Northern part has been engaged in one form of security challenge or the other. Facts must not be ignored that Boko Haram Terrorists, bandits and kidnappers have escalated their nefarious acts to an unbearable level since the President Buhari administration.”

He said that with the Renewed Hope Agenda, Nigerians especially the Northerners, were looking forward with great expectations that the security challenges will be tackled.

“Alas, we are highly disappointed that all these terrorists, bandits and kidnappers have increased to an unexpected level, their criminal activities unchallenged.

“These criminals are now carrying their nefarious acts at anytime they so wished even to the extent of boasting that their sponsors are now in charge of security in Nigeria.

“We observed with dismay the scenario whereby the bandits were apprehended by the vigilante and the security officers came to release them,” the group said.

They therefore, called on the Federal Government to take decisive actions against the criminals and their collaborators in the security agencies, else they will take up their destinies in their hands and any action is inevitable.

On scarcity and high prices of foodstuff, the group expressed worries that inflation is leading to increased level of poverty.

“It is absolutely necessary to draw the attention of the government on the escalating prices of basics necessities of life in the nation. Basic foodstuffs like corn, rice, beans, yams and millet are no longer affordable by common man. The prices keep on increasing daily.

“The level of poverty keep multiplying to the level that people have resolved to selling their children to cater for their families.

“We observed with astonishment the deliberate decision to secretly increase the pump prices of petroleum products two weeks ago, and the proposed removal of subsidy on electricity.

“We seriously viewed these decisions as barbaric, callous and insensitive. We therefore demand for the reversal of these decisions within three days effective from Tuesday the 20th of February, 2024,” they demanded.

They explained that from the intelligence reports being received from state and local government coordinators, “we would like to advice that all Northerners that are using exotic and flashy cars and also those that are using sirens, should discontinue using such cars forthwith until the severe hardship is minimized or curtailed.

“Failure to adhere to this advice may lead to some unforeseen consequences. A word is enough for the wise”.