Christmas Carol: CAN expresses hope to come the way of Nigeria

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna state chapter celebrated this year Christmas Carol 2022 with the strong conviction that God Almighty is about doing something great in Nigeria.

The state CAN chairman, Rev. John Joseph Hayab enjoined Christians all over the country to be fervent in prayers especially in next year’s elections for God’s chosen leaders to emerge to pilot the affairs of the country in the way of the Lord.

The Christmas carol with the theme: “The Saviour is born” which took place in Kaduna on Sunday, Rev. Hayab expressed confidence that the favour of God would locate Nigeria and the citizens a God fearing President that will direct its affairs in a way that all Nigerians will have a sense of belonging.

Rev. Hayab said, “Nigerians have suffered a lot and we believed the Almighty father in His infinite mercy will remember the country as He favoured Mary to be the mother of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world.”

He urged Nigerians to continue to seek the face of the Almighty concerning the affairs of the country and asking for God’s intervention so the lost glory of the country will be restored and take its place in the community of nations.

According to Rev. Hayab, “The God we serve is a merciful God that showered His mercy not because of our righteousness but because He is merciful, He will by faith shower His mercy upon the country and give us God fearing President and other leaders that will work for the full restoration of the land in peace, unity and development.”

He believed that favour is coming the way of Nigeria especially in the 2023 elections but enjoined Nigerians to pray for God’s mercy upon the land so that the citizens would once again live in peace and harmony, saying that it is the only way Nigerians could adequately showcase their potentials to the whole world.

The Secretary, Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Rev. Yunusa Nmadu believed that there is hope in the future of the country and urged Christians to always preach peace and love to all Nigerians for the sustenance of peaceful coexistence.

Rev. Evangelical Okuklola stated that in the midst of all the challenges the country is going through, hope is in the way of Nigeria, stressing that it shall be restored back and be reckoned again in the community of nations.