Atiku Welcomes NYMAP 2023, Says Youth Will Drive Campaign, Governance

In his reaction to the formation of a group, Nigerian Youth Movement For Atiku’s Presidency (NYMAP2023), former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has expressd delight, while assuring that youth will be the main drivers of his next campaign, as well as play crucial roles if he emerged President in 2023. 

The NYMAP 2023 team, comprising  young men and women indicated interest of ensuring an Atiku Presidency in 2023, and have contacted his SA Youth and Support Groups, Ambassador Aliyu Bin Abbas, who himself I’d a youth.
 Their aims and objectives include;  getting Nigeria working again through credible leadership of his Excellency Alh.Atiku Abubakar [Wazirin Adamawa]. “To enlighten the Nigerian youth on the mission and vision of his excellency Alh.Atiku Abubakar [Wazirin Adamawa] towards making Nigeria a better place for for u and I “To prepare the Nigerian youth  to face the success of 2023 presidential election and other positions under the platform of our great party  ‘’P.D.P POWER’’.  “To bring the Nigerian youth close to democracy regardless of religious,tribal and regional discriminations thereby ensuring unity and progress within the nations wide.’ Other objectives of NYMAP 2023 include  inculcating the spirit of leadership in the hearts of Nigerian youth through Atiku’s promise of 40% of youth inclusion in his administration.
The youth told Ambassador Abbas  that they are optimistic that if voted, Atiku will.revitalize NIgeria’s economy. “To revitalize the Nigerian economy and living standards by boosting the business and agriculture through His entrepreneurial experience as a largest single employer across the nation.”