Alleged Certificate Forgery: Group Fears Mr LA May Lose Seat, Says Senator Liability To PDP

A group known as Kaduna Central Democrats has expressed fears that Senator Lawal Adamu Usman popularly called Mr. LA may lose the ticket due to an alleged certificate forgery case instituted by candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) Muhammad Dattijo at election tribunal.

The group in a statement signed by its Coordinator Nasiru Kajuru described the embattled Kaduna Central Senator as a liability to PDP, criticising Mr. LA for not allowing a qualified and credible candidate, Hon. Usman Ibrahim (Sardaunan Badarawa) to fly the party’s ticket in the 2023 general election.

The group commended national leadership of PDP for taking Mr. LA to court also on alleged forgery and other issues, saying the outcome of the Abuja case expected soon would further vindicate Sardaunan Badarawa and affirm his candidature as genuine flag bearer of the party.

The group eulogized leadership virtues and political qualities of Sardaunan Badarawa whom they noted would have been a better option free of any controversy for party and people of Kaduna central and above all the state at large.

“It is sad, pathetic and unfortunate finding ourselves in this needless court case due to inordinate greed of an individual who knew from the onset that he wasn’t qualified to run for an election but chose to and blocking the chance of a true patriot who would have brought dividends of democracy to Kaduna Central Zone.

“We are afraid the action of this Senator of alleged certificate forgery is capable of robbing him the chance to represent the people of kaduna central at the upper chamber, which we no at the end of the day, Sardauna Badarawa will emerge.

“We have keenly followed the tribunal case as witnesses have allegedly testified against Mr. LA, saying he has never been their student or candidate.

“It is in this light, We deem it right to come out through this medium to express our anxieties that the ambition of an individual to force himself on people despite knowing that he was not fit and qualifed should be condemned by lovers of democracy and men of conscience to serve as deterrence to others wishing to tow this line of infamy.

“From the past politicians with such cases of forgeries ended up in prison for presenting fake certificate to deceive the public, INEC and other relevant agencies.

“It is on record that Hon. Usman Ibrahim Sardaunan Badarwa was the genuine and duly elected candidate in PDP primary election but Mr. LA wouldn’t hear none of that.

“Now look at where he has landed us all by not allowing a qualified and credible candidate to represent his party in that election,” the group lamented.